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Adept II

Sound cutting out with 22.9.1

1st let me say, if I have overlooked a thread, I am old and slow nowadays haha. If there is a topic for all of these, point me in the right direction and throw this post in the garbage by all means

  About a month and a half ago, I purchased an RX 6700 XT new. It's a PowerColor card Red Devil 12gb. Installed perfectly with the last driver update and worked like a champ. I was actually very pleasantly surprised with it's performance very similar to a 3060ti or a 3070. I upgraded from one of my favorite cards, the RX 5700 XT 8gb, which was an amazing card. I did a few benchmarks and was amazed on some of the benchmarks and in game FPS. I expected a difference, but wow, I dig this card.

Had no issues from the new card at all, just performance that was amazing. Then 22.9.1 released and like we all do, downloaded and installed. I did it through the Adrenalin Software as I always do. But in the same day I updated, several problems began to occur. The first thing I noticed we the audio hiccups and sometimes, I don't how to explain this um, in the Matrix, Neo took the pill, poked the mirror, the silver looking stuff got on his hands and made its way to his mouth and then you hear that weird digital yell/scream thing he did. Honestly, that's the best way I can explain it.

Then on multiple occasions throughout the day, everything on the screen would lock up, but I could still move my mouse around with no issue and within 4 to 5 seconds it would unfreeze and sometimes do this 4 or 5 times in a row.

Other times, is would freeze up like that and when it unfroze, I got an audio error, the sound stopped, the little speaker had the red x or whatever that is on it. I would go in to the audio so I could see the issue, but it was telling there wasn't anything installed for the audio. Sometimes after a minute or two, I was alerted that an audio device had been found and then there was audio. Once or twice, I have had to restart to get past that issue.

I keep an eye on the temp of the card and it never even got close to anything considered to much heat.

I am running the GPU at the stock settings, no overclocking and nothing else has been changed. So it has me bumfuzzled.


AMD Ryzen 7 3800x

32GB dual channel DDR 4 3200mhz ram

PowerColor RX6700XT 12gb Red Devil

ASRock BM450Pro 4 MB

x3-1TB SSD/1TB M.2 with 2 - 2TB HDDs


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I'm new to AMD as well so I suggest you:

1. download Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU), and unzip it somewhere you can find it easy.

2. reboot into safe mode-no network 

3. Run DDU while in safe mode and let it reboot you

4. reinstall 22.5.1 or whatever version you think works best

Adept II

Thank you very much, I will give it a go and see what happens


I have the Asus tuf Rx 6700 XT and still run the 22.3.1 driver as I find it the most stable and reliable driver.


AMD Ryzen 7 3700x, Asus Tuf Gaming RX 6700 XT, Asus TUF Gaming x570 Plus, 32gb G.Skill TZ neo 3600mhz, Samsung 980pro 1tb NVME, Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1tb NVME, Lian Li Galahad AIO 240mm, Antec Titanium 1kw.
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6700XT ROG STRIX and no problems with 22.8.2 driver but now I am testing 22.9.1 driver. I did have bad experience with 22.5.1 driver when new cards did come out and something did start to destroy my gpu drivers and games would start to crash but reinstalling gpu driver is temporary fix.

Journeyman III

same stuff here except mine spikes gpu usage randomly and crashes with similar symptoms as your audio and graphical errors shortly before

replying in hopes of some genius finding a fix beyond rolling back drivers


Guys you really should do a bug report as well, they aren't gonna fix it unless more report problems.

Adept I

I am needing some help with the 22.9.1 drivers.

Periodically, Wattman will crash, the only setting I change is the fan curve. I dislike zero rpm. So I set it at 50%. I play some games that will cause the GPU to slowly overheat and crash. This has been a issue for 6 or 7 different driver sets.

I have tried different drivers, clean installs, overclocking the CPU, not overclocking the CPU, I don't overclock the GPU (frequency or ram) just custom fan profile. Auto settings on the CPU. This crashing is random, it could be days or weeks before it will happen again. I will get a hard lock on the screen audio will continue to play for a few minutes then stop, power off and back on Windows does not see reboot happened. Check Radeon drivers and Wattman has had an error and was reset. No windows errors to track.

Oh and as far as I know I am up to date on all drivers.

I have a Asus Crosshair 8 Hero

G.Skill Trident Z Neo 32GB

AMD 5800X (PBO enabled)

Gigabyte 6800XT (factory clocked)

Sound blaster AX-5 sound card

360 AIO cooler


forgive my bad English.

if I understood your problem well, you have two options, use the afterburner msi or fan control (available on github) for the fan curve, so it is guaranteed that the curve will always be working.

or you can try disabling rapid startup on (power options > choose functions of the buttons > change settings not available at the moment), this option can cause the adrenalin crash at the time you turn off the pc, I'm not sure it will be written as I described, but I hope I have helped.

Captura de tela 2022-09-27 125104.png



What PSU's are you using? @TDM @papawshane 

AMD Ryzen 7 3700x, Asus Tuf Gaming RX 6700 XT, Asus TUF Gaming x570 Plus, 32gb G.Skill TZ neo 3600mhz, Samsung 980pro 1tb NVME, Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1tb NVME, Lian Li Galahad AIO 240mm, Antec Titanium 1kw.

Seasonic 1000W


MSI Afterburner can interfere with AMD software, so it's better not to use it.

Monitoring software can also cause problems as I found out myself.

@TDM  Have you tried using the onboard sound, I read somewhere of problems with separate sound cards.

Also don't use the optional drivers, unless you are prepared for problems. Always use recommended driver if you want to just play and have to do troubleshooting.

AMD Ryzen 7 3700x, Asus Tuf Gaming RX 6700 XT, Asus TUF Gaming x570 Plus, 32gb G.Skill TZ neo 3600mhz, Samsung 980pro 1tb NVME, Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1tb NVME, Lian Li Galahad AIO 240mm, Antec Titanium 1kw.

I have not used the onboard sound but when I first put this together it was not doing it.

It didnt matter what drive I use the WHQL or optional, wattman just crashes in the same way.

Adept III

As soon as I have a AMD gpu that works well enough THEN i will do more MAGIC for ya... Bryan CUrtIS NitrO Switzer ... OUT

Adept II

PC Spec

AMD Ryzen 7 3700x

32GB dual channel DDR4 3600Mhz

Sapphire RX6700XT 12gb Nitro+


FYI On my environment 22.7.1 is last stable driver.