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Journeyman III

Some games crashes permanetly with RX 6900XT

Hi Guys,

I buyed last year in december a RX6900XT from Sapphire, I'm usually a Linux user that's why I didn't face this error earlier, if i want to play "Tomb Raider Game of the Year Edition" from Epic Store it crashs instandly after the intro, here a log from the game:


09:29:48:213 (00006128) > [D3D] PCDX11BufferPool::AllocateBuffer: ID3D11Device::CreateBuffer failed with HRESULT 0x887a0005 (BindFlags=4, ByteWidth=1104)
09:29:48:213 (00006128) > [D3D] Memory statistics:
09:29:48:213 (00006128) > [D3D] Total RAM = 23.9 GB (24483 MB)
09:29:48:213 (00006128) > [D3D] Avail RAM = 18.9 GB (19304 MB)
09:29:48:213 (00006128) > [D3D] Total virtual memory = 4.0 GB (4095 MB)
09:29:48:213 (00006128) > [D3D] Avail virtual memory = 2.7 GB (2794 MB)
09:29:48:214 (00006128) > [Crash] Memory statistics:
09:29:48:214 (00006128) > [Crash] Total RAM = 23.9 GB (24483 MB)
09:29:48:214 (00006128) > [Crash] Avail RAM = 18.9 GB (19304 MB)
09:29:48:214 (00006128) > [Crash] Total virtual memory = 4.0 GB (4095 MB)
09:29:48:214 (00006128) > [Crash] Avail virtual memory = 2.7 GB (2794 MB)
09:29:48:214 (00006128) > [Crash] Unhandled exception at address 0x0076ceee (code: 0xc0000005): "Access violation"

What I tried already:


  • reinstall Windows 10 Pro x64 (UEFI & enabled secure boot) with latest Microsoft ISO
  • reinstalling AMD Adrenalin Software & multiple reboots
  • RAM checkup with Memdisk, no errors
  • game options changed to window mode
  • running game as admin

a funny thing is it works under Linux with Lutris like oil.

But it's not only TB, also WatchDogs 2 have problems here I can play in windowed mode for me it shouldn't be a solution cause the quality is also not better as my old Nvidia card (GT 990 TI), sometimes i have stuttering while playing this game in windowed mode in Fullscreen it crashes after a few minutes. From WD2 i don't know where the Logs.


Here my specs:

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 2400G
  • GPU: TOXIC AMD Radeon™ RX 6900 XT Limited Edition
  • RAM: 24GB
  • Windows 10 x64 with UEFI and enabled secure boot

Hope somebody can help me it's a little bit ironic if you buy a better graphics card and you can't play some older games you could play with an older card.

Thanks in advance.



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