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So you think AMD is bad?

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The amount of 40 series issues is off the hook.


Remember that nvidia also has 80% of market or 4 times the users.


yeah sounds about right, they certainly have 4 times the problems.


Not really. Let me help you with that numbers.

Qty Sold  Users

Its the same as laptop market, Dell has a much greater market but the numbers are most of the times inflated due to large companies buying them in bulk. You see?

"Big guys in suits do special handshakes with tech companies that gives them more money over the real IT needs of the company"

The result?
Well... most of our computers are equipped with RTX 3060ti, 3080 and Quadros. We still have some firepros though... Not mentioning intel CPU's

Not that they are bad overall but they are flawed as well.

Although you might think that each must have a user, they don't, they have several or not a single one at all.

To sum it up. I have to manage over 8k computers with intel CPU's and maybe up to 1k nvidia cards.

my 2 cents only...

The Englishman

Well my point was that forum is much busier than this one, so much so they had to divide between hardware and drivers, for example on the left side it has a tab called "game ready drivers" where you'll see more of the same.

I spent an hour or so there yesterday and what I saw is exactly the same issues as we have here and a few new ones. (way more audio issues there)

The whole point of this was to curb the "AMD bad" posts, if you have an issue post the details and leave the misinfo-fanboy bs out, it doesn't help anyone and it may put off people from trying to help..

Yay, an us vs them thread.

What a waste of space this will become, not to mention bumping down genuine driver/software help inquiries.

At the least, get a Mod to move it to general discussions.

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Sounds good, I just thought I'd point out how things aren't so great at team green since so many people try to insinuate they are.

Don't you get sick of the my pc's screwed up, im going back to Invidia posts?



@jsk68 wrote:

Don't you get sick of the my pc's screwed up, im going back to Invidia posts?


I do too. But people should have liberty of speech no matter if they are trolls, fanboys, rage quitters and so on. As long as they don't go insulting or disrespecting...

And even then, I will still reply to them calmly and explain my point of view.

The Englishman

I agree, general discussions at best.

The Englishman

I think either platform can look good or bad .. and a lot of that can be a result of the other components in whatever system whatever GPU is installed in

Power supply

Motherboard and BIOS version

Memory speed and is the CPU's IMC handling it ok under load

Air flow thru whatever case .. CPU cooling

Chipset drivers as well GPU drivers and LAN drivers .. sound drivers .. 3rd party software .. Windows .. 


Not always cut and dry and I think both sides make great products .. even Intel's new GPU is maturing along fairly well

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The AMD Driver isn't much better either. At least NVIDIA continues to roll out drivers.

AMD Driver for RX 6000 has not been released for 3 months.

I never said it was better, and despite rolling out new drivers it sure doesn't seem to be helping nvidia atm.


Maybe doesn't seem to be help. But you can read the release note. There are still some fixes.

If AMD drivers were released continuously. There wouldn't be so many complaints.

I hope AMD driver 23.2.1 for RX 6000 Series will come soon.