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Adept I

AMD P-state linux shows higher frequency than CPU is capable of

Hello everyone,

whenever i try to use AMD P-state with PERFORMANCE GOVERNOR for maximum latency, the cpu frequency of
"watch "grep \"^[c]pu MHz\" /proc/cpuinfo""     is 4673 mhz       (r7 5700g, 4.6max boost)

but when i do something, the cpu goes down to 4520-4560 single core as it should cause of PBO, and 4440 all core boost

what i want to know is, does it even work properly with performance governor? its weird it shows all cores are 4673mhz (higher mhz than acutally possible) at idle, but it alwasy downclocks when work is required, but i feel pc alot snappier compared to SCHEDUTIL GOVERNOR which keeps cpu at 400mhz idle so i dont know what to do

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