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Journeyman III

Since adrenaline editions vanish after running checks, manual instal of R5 is nigh on impossible

I've tried running two versions of Adrenaline, the earliest being from around 2020, or 2019? Anyway, they seem to install OK, and when it then loads up and apparently runs a check, and completes (I assume?) it then disappears completely.
When I search my desktop it only appears as the downaloded files in my download folder. No where else. (I'm assuming it actually installs on my drive, and doesn't run from the 'install'' exe?

So, seeing that there are absolutely no attempts from AMD to help us understand this, or even that they may be graceful enough to fix it for us peasants on lower incomes (as if we matter anymore?) who need to use older devices, I have no choice but to install manually.
So far soi good.
However, I ran Speccy (little program which detects your devices tech spec) and it gives me, for graphics:

ATI AMD Radeon R5 Graphics (HP)
ATI AMD Radeon R7 M260 (HP)
CrossFire Disabled

------------------------------------------------------- CPU spec-----------------------------------------------

AMD A8-6410
Cores 4
Threads 4
Name AMD A8-6410
Code Name Mullins
Package Socket FT3 (BGA769)
Technology 28nm
Specification AMD A8-6410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics
Family F
Extended Family 16
Model 0
Extended Model 30
Stepping 1
Revision ML-A1
Instructions MMX (+), SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, SSE4A, AMD 64, NX, VMX, AES, AVX
Virtualization Supported, Enabled
Hyperthreading Not supported
Bus Speed 99.8 MHz
Stock Core Speed 2000 MHz
Stock Bus Speed 100 MHz
Average Temperature 64 °C
L1 Data Cache Size 4 x 32 KBytes
L1 Instructions Cache Size 4 x 32 KBytes
L2 Unified Cache Size 2048 KBytes
Core Speed Multiplier Bus Speed Temperature Threads
Core 0 2195.5 MHz x 22.0 99.8 MHz 64 °C APIC ID: 0
Core 1 2195.5 MHz x 22.0 99.8 MHz 64 °C APIC ID: 1
Core 2 2195.5 MHz x 22.0 99.8 MHz 64 °C APIC ID: 2
Core 3 2195.5 MHz x 22.0 99.8 MHz 64 °C

Again, so far, so good-ish.....
So, I go as I go to the download page to select my needs, it suddenly strikes me ''which those do i need? or is it both? and what is, if relevant, crossfire which is apparently ''disabled''? And why doesn't it have ''(HP)'' anywhere in the drop-down listings?

on top of which, as Speccy only tells me of Radean R5 that it's R5 (HP). it does NOT tell me which R5. So I've no way to know.

Do I simply just grab R7 M260, and job done?
And is ''CrossFire Disabled'' relevant to anything here?

I've been at this for hours just to hopefully fix OpenGL issues. (tips plz?)

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Laptop drivers direct from AMD are generic for all laptop brand names.

Crossfire was a term for using multiple graphics cards in desktop pc only.

From memory you use the processor graphics download (controls both graphics models), select as in image below, click submit. Download save as (not open) and install from that package after.

There is also a 'Previous Drivers' link below the OS listing.


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