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Journeyman III

B650E chipset temperatures

Hello everybody!

Recently I built a new computer with 7800X3D and Asus B650E-E motherboard. No matter what, chipset temperature reported by HWInfo shows 60°C when pc boots, slowly climbing to 75°C while idling. To keep it going over 80°C during gaming I had to use 200mm Noctua fan on my side panel (CM HAF 932 case). I feel like there is no way to cool it down, especially with 3-slot 4080 directly above it's small heatsink (I even replaced default thermal pad).

I have two gen4 m.2 drives and one sata hdd connected to it. Is this normal behavior? What is the thermal limit, I've tried searching AMD's site but found nothing. What are zour temps?

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The temp is okay to operate, but I personally would like to have it a bit lower. The B650(E) does have 7W TDP and the X670(E) does have a 14W TDP since it is a doubled 650 that's makes sense.

However, I saw many report about high chipset temp on Asus AM5 boards in general, but since Asus states that this is okay....

Just in case, you did peel off all the stuff?

Big Boss

I do have some experience with the E and A-Version RoG Strix boards, I find that temperature incredibly strange and somewhat high.

This is what you should have, maybe 60/65ºC TOPS!


The CM HAF 932 is not that good at airflow as the name suggests, have you removed the drive cage at least?

Open the side panel and see if it improves a bit or point a small fan at the chipset to see if it gets lower.

The NVME shouldn't impact the chipset that much as the PCI-e lanes are directly connected to the CPU, but I could be wrong on this...

Good Luck



The Englishman

I have a ROG Strix B650E-F Wifi Gaming motherboard.  I was wondering about the high temperature of the chipset and finally noticed that I had placed one of my M.2 NVME SSDs on a slot that goes through the B650E (labeled M.2_3).  Yesterday I moved it to another slot directly connected to the CPU and that did lower the load and the temperature by about 15C during gaming.


I'm not sure but if the M.2_3 has its lanes coming from the chipset then its normal it would lower the temp.

Use always the M.2 slots which have the lanes coming from the CPU.


The Englishman