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Journeyman III

RyzenMaster support laptop CPUs PLS!!!


The Intel XTU application can tune laptop CPU in voltage or powers etc, so the users can modify their Intel laptop CPU freely to fit their needs.But AMD RyzenMaster did not support any model of AMD laptop CPUs, this is NOT AMD's style, pls support it , THANKS A LOT !!!!!!

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None of AMD software that Overclocks is compatible with laptops only with Desktops.

Overclocking a laptop is risky since you may be pushing the laptop Power & Temperature past it engineered specs. Thus causing the laptop to overheat and possibly damaging the hardware inside the laptop.

Thank you, but dude i'm not meaning overclocking.For example one of my friend's laptop using i7-7700HQ and it always overheat and it's frequency drop to below 2.8Ghz, then i used XTU to help him, i changed voltage from 1.2v to 1.1v and maximum turbo from 3.4Ghz to 3.2Ghz. So that his laptop can always running at 3.2Ghz, and still stable. We AMD users also need a tuning tools like that, we all knows that it has possibility to damage the machine, but when we launch Ryzenmaster in desktop, it also has the same warning right?   Besides, if OC in laptop is possible, my R5-3550H is stable at many load test and it's temp only grow to about 80°, so i think it's okay to unlock the power and let the temp grow to 90°.Thank u for replying me 


I understand what you are saying, but any software that can manually change the parameters or limits of the CPU to Under clock can also be used to Overclock the processor. Thus AMD has made that type of software non-compatible in Laptops.  Other Users have mentioned the same reasons as you to use software to Under clock the CPU in laptops and they ended up using Non-AMD 3rd party software to that end.

But you can always let AMD Support know your opinion by opening an Online AMD Service Request from here: 

You can choose under "Product Type"  AMD Software or AMD Development Tools.