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Journeyman III

Ryzen Master bricks PC on every reboot

I have been building Intel based rigs since the mid 90's, but team red moving over to the new AM5 socket won me over for the upgrade path over the next 3-4 years.  I have been learning through PBO, Curve optimizer and the like for over clocking which has been a nice new challenge for an older builder.  I am experiencing several odd behaviors that I cannot wrap my head around. I do not usually use a software based overclocker, but Ryzen master seems intriguing. When I make any change at all no matter how benign, and Ryzen Master needs a reboot to apply the change, the PC locks up on the boot cycle giving debug code C5 (or CS, can't tell) and I have to clear Cmos and occasionally re-flash the bios to get things back up and running.  Thankfully the Taichi board makes that process simple enough to do, but not something that I should have to do.  I am not sure it is related, but on every boot from an off state, all the case fans flash on and off together in a very "warning" like fashion for 10-15 seconds with a debug code of 15...then boots as normal and is completely stable.  More an annoyance but possibly relevant as it is odd behavior.  I know there is a longer handshake with the memory on Ryzen, but it seems to need to train the memory on every boot.


x670e Asrock Taichi Carrera (Bios 1.11.AS02), Ryzen 7900x, Artic Freezer ii 280, Gskill Neo DDR5 6000 2x16, Rtx 4090 Suprim Liquid, Kingston Fury NvMe, Thermaltake Toughpower 850w ATX 3.0 

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Ryzen Master is basically just tool that is able to set BIOS parameters through UEFI interface within system. 
To apply you need to reboot. And there is chance that current Ryzen Master isn't very well able to "speak" with new AM5 chipsets.

15 error should be related to "PEI_CAR_NB_INIT = EFI_COMPUTING_UNIT_CHIPSET | EFI_CU_CHIPSET_NORTH_INIT" as for Asrock
C5 error should be related to "Enumerate and set up application processors. This includes microcode loading, and workarounds for errata (#78, #110, #106, #107, #69, #63).". This info was from Oracle BIOS POST codes, so might theoretically be off for X670 chipset

For people on B550 boards they said CPU reseating MIGHT help (but not must)
Try changing settings directly through BIOS. If you can change exact same parameter through BIOS but not through Ryzen Master you can send both bug request to AMD and tech support ticket for both AMD and ASRock. 

Thank you for the reply.  Yes, I am able to successfully make changes in the Bios that if made in Ryzen Master cause lockup.  I was going to pull the motherboard out of the chassis and rebuild it out of the case to eliminate some variables, so I will reseat the processor during that process.


The 15 code is interesting as that seems like it might be a firmware related issue with the chipset.  I use Driver easy pro to keep all my drivers up to date for me, but maybe I should look into those and do a manual update there.


I did contact Asrock.  They sent me some troubleshooting steps that all involved beep codes, which gave me a good chuckle.  I got rid of all my old beep code speakers years ago when led debugs became the norm and had to order one.  From the testing they asked me to do it seems they think there might be a issue with one of the memory chips on the MB casuing the odd flashing of all case fan lights on boot.

Journeyman III

7700x and Asrock x670e pg lightning. I have the same problem, but no LED indicator and PC speaker.

I tried to optimize cpu with different methods, but all attempts lead to a CMOS reset.

Journeyman III


Build: ROG Crosshair X670E Hero, 7900X3D, Gigabyte Gaming 4090 OC, 2x16gb Corsair Vengeance 6000MHZ Expo.

when trying to turn PCD / change settings, when restarting it goes fully black screen with q code C5.

I just want to be able to activate my expo profile & any curve optimisations without my new multi thousand pound machine giving me nothing but a C5 code with an orange light.

Journeyman III

Check to see if any other software on your PC is conflicting with Ryzen Master. Antivirus programs, firewalls, and other system utilities may interfere with Ryzen Master's operation. Ensure that the settings within Ryzen Master are configured correctly. Misconfigured settings may cause the program to crash or brick the PC.