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Journeyman III

RX6700XT crash on Warzone2 and sometimes black screen

Hi Guys,

I bought this new Sapphire RX6700XT Pulse for near 1 month and the problem never gone.

Stress test with heaven and furmark benchmarking show ok with over 1 hour run time.

My spec as below

I5 13400

ASRock B760M Steel Legend WiFi

Quad Channel (256 bit) DDR5-SDRAM



silverstone viva gold 750w


Install AMD driver sudden monitor no signal and need force restart.

Install Adrenaline

Play Warzone 2.0 and it random crash, then disable MPO, works for like over 1 week then crash again randomly..

Uninstall Adrenaline and Install AMD Pro..

More frequent crash..

Install Adrenaline same day crash..

Uninstall and install the Auto package ( i think its actually same as Adrenaline) - Auto detect and install.

Each time when install whatever driver such as Adrenaline, Pro or Auto sure will black screen and no signal... then i have to wait maybe 10min to force restart..

When i go device manager i found many kernal error as below.. i not sure if this is useful for me to diagnose?

My main problem is crash during game, the installation black screen after force restart then no issue.

34 event34 event





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Do you have case fans?

arctic P14 or P12 pwm pst value pack are great option and if your pc case can support 140mm fans go with P14.

I have 4xP14 (1600rpm) for moving air out and 4xP14 (1600rpm) for moving air in pc case.

I remember from yt video that thermal paste could be applied bad but if you open gpu you will lose warranty.

you have new platform and ddr5 ram so disable xmp and test it. maybe new bios in future will bring some fix. you can try to use only 1 or 2 ram sticks. check your motherboard manual if you did use correct slots.

did you try older gpu drivers?

how did you connect psu cables with gpu?

what is your cpu cooler?

thermal grizzly kryonaut is good thermal paste.

did you run cinebech to test your cpu?

in end if you do not find solution maybe some pc shop or repair service can try with diffrent parts to see what is problem.


I am using Antec 502 DP Flux have 5 Fan.

CPU temp is very low, 5x-6x C, i use aftermart psu cooler..

did you try older gpu drivers? ==> i cant recall i think i used like 3 version, today got another new version.. 

how did you connect psu cables with gpu? i use 2 seperate cable instead of using 1 cable and put the extension together as 2.

what is your cpu cooler? ID cooler SE 224 XT

Journeyman III

yes, i also facing the same problem, 2 weeks ago i buy this card. fur mark running test is ok, stress test from amd software is also runs without any error. but after few minutes of gaming on warzone 2, it goes black screen or freez the frame, i have force shutdown by pressing power button, today morning i update driver to the latest i have to try again.