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RX 6800 Gets less stable with every new update and passing time

I have noticed that with every passing month of RX 6800 usage it gets less and less stable. 

I'm not gaming as much as I used to, right now I play more on PS5 rather than on PC but with Battlefield 2042 I have a lot of problems with gpu and also the same with testing it using 3dmark. 

At first it was working fine with wattman settings 100% power and 88% voltage and it was fine in all scenarios, right now after about year of usage, stable state can be achieved with 98% power and 95% voltage when checking 3dmark. Also while playing beta BF I had really bad crashes, each was with whole PC rebooting and once I had so freaked out as it ramped up 100% fan speed and hard crashed with BIOS error and it was stuck in bootloop with emergency shutdown message. 

Everything started to stabilize as soon as I was raising voltage, from 91% as I had when I was playing metro exodus few months ago, to 95%. It really makes me worry but at the same time I'm trying to explain it as gpu gets more and more optymized and it is reaching ful potential of hardware, it needs more power (fine wine?).

What is your experience with 6000 series ? 

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This often affects the Radeon graphics cards with PCI Express 4, i.e. the 5000 and 6000 series. I suspect that the Radeon driver is not static, but optimizes itself until it crashes, which is a software and hardware problem. With my RX5700XT I do a clean reinstallation every 2 weeks, driver only, without the adrenaline software because the known problems are increasing.

Ok, that's a good clue and really helpful reply ! I will try to work around that issue. I was also thinking about changing mobo as x570 gives me sometimes headaches