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Journeyman III

RX 6750 XT - New driver version problem

Hi, after updating my graphics card driver to the latest version, my Windows 11 system started to freeze randomly after user logon. It only resolves if I restart my PC and hope it doesn't freeze again.

Here are the steps I've taken, indicating that the issue lies with the new driver version:

  • I don't frequently update my graphics card driver, so after months (since 2023), I decided to update it, and my system started to freeze.
  • I formatted my PC multiple times and decided to install only the AMD driver, but the system started crashing, confirming the problem.
  • When I use Safe Mode, my system does not freeze.
  • When I uninstall the AMD Driver and run in normal mode, my Windows system does not freeze.
  • I performed a clean install of Windows 10 and install the latest amd driver, but the system still freezes.
  • I downgraded to Adrenalin 23.11.1 (WHQL Recommended) and am currently testing it
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Sounds like a driver issue to me.


I had strange Windows and BIOS stuttering / lag issues with the 24.x.x driver versions especially in combination with Resizable BAR enabled in BIOS. I ended up installing 23.12.1 and disabling Resizable BAR in BIOS. I've had good stability since (RX6800).


I've seen other reports of users having stability issues with the 24.x.x version of drivers -- some people think it's related to the new frame generation feature introducing new bugs.


If you're not aware, it's recommended you uninstall your GPU drivers each time you upgrade/downgrade/reinstall GPU drivers using DDU and/or AMD Cleanup Utility in safe mode.