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Journeyman III

Repeated Graphics Driver Error

Hello all, I have just recently re-booted my PC after very minimal use in the past year or so. After deleting tens of thousands of old files and then cleaning my disks, I decided to turn-on Steam to play the game Squad. However, whenever the game tries to load I keep getting the message,


"The installed version of the AMD Graphics driver has known issues. Please update to the latest driver version.

Radeon(TM) RX 580

Installed: Adrenalin 19.20.1

Recommended: 19.20.1"

I've updated my AMD Radeon RX 580, updated my Unreal engine, and updated Windows 10. I've uninstalled and re-installed, and I have rebooted several times. Whenever I start another game on Steam, it has no problem starting up right away. This is driving me crazy and took hours just to get to this point. Can anybody help me? I don't even know who I should contact.

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