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Adept II

Radeon VII + AMD Radeon 2020 (19.12.x) causing PC to crash

Hi guys,

Since upgrading to the new AMD Radeon 2020 (19.12.3) driver, my PC is very unstable. In most games and benchmarks my screen goes black (actually in Battlefield 5 I've had most success in replicating it). After about 2-3 seconds the sound stops working and the PC either shuts down completely,hangs, or reboots itself. Using an older driver (the 2019 version) will solve the issue.

I don't think this is how it's supposed to work.


Gigabyte Aorus Master X570 motherboard

AMD Ryzen 3950x CPU

32gb (2x16gb) G.Skill F4-3600C16D-32GTZN (XMP enabled)

AMD Radeon VII (stock)

So far I've tried everything. Full re-install, DDU, setting GEN3 in my BIOS. Re-installing chipset drivers. Undervolting... you name it.

Please look into this.

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Adept I

I have the same problem with my Radeon VII... I don't use the card for gaming but for distributed computing. My card is water cooled, so it definitely isn't a temperature problem, but I see the exact same things - black screens, system lock ups and spontaneous reboots. 

Tried the same things like dutchy, but only older drivers did solve the problems.

I wouldn't have a problem to use older drivers if they would work reliable, but unfortunately they (tried 19.7.5 and 19.9.2) have another problem - at some point the computation of the tasks is getting extremely slow.

I crunch mostly for einstein@home - normally a task runs in about 6 minutes,but sometimes after a few minutes, or afew hours they eventually "get stuck" or are just extremely slow running.

It's a shame to have an extremely powerful card like the Radeon VII but you can't use it's full power because of driver problems since I bought the card in May 2019. There's not one single driver I tried since then that hasn't had any problem...

ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero, Ryzen 9 5950X, 64GB G.Skill Trident Z Neo 3600Mhz CL16, Radeon VII

Issues all over the place after this update.  My PC is almost unusable.  I don't even have to be playing a game to have the screen go black forcing a restart.  This is worse than the day one drivers for this card.  

Adept I

I have to use AMD High Definition Audio from  3/18/2019 and Display Driver 8/16/2019.  These two are the auto install drivers in Windows 10.  

With driver 19.12.3 my system will crash when playing videos in Microsoft Edge.  With any earlier driver (not default windows driver), I will get tremendous audio bus latency issues that will eventually freeze the system. (LatencyMon program)

Here's the best part... I thought this was some failing part of my system that was not related to the Radeon VII.  I proceeded to purchase all new components, one component at a time in my effort to troubleshoot this system.  I now have two completely unrelated systems which exhibit the same symptoms if I put the Radeon VII in them with a particular set of drivers.  I can duplicate the exact issues between a Haswell generation i7 system with a 650w bronze PSU and a brand new Ryzen 3 3600 with a 850w gold PSU for each driver set, on a new Windows 10 installation with all the latest updates.

I wonder what brand of Radeon VII are you all using?  I wonder if we have defective cards.  I have an XFX card. 


I got my VII directly from AMD. 


I have a Sapphire Radeon VII.

I don't believe that my card is defective, because I'm seeing different errors with different driver versions...

ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero, Ryzen 9 5950X, 64GB G.Skill Trident Z Neo 3600Mhz CL16, Radeon VII

It's not brand related. All Radeon VII's are pretty much equal, excep the stickers on it. They're all made by AMD.

I have an Asrock.

I have the Red one from AMD.


XFX Radeon VII with 3800x on an x570 TUFboard.


Driver issues should be reported to AMD > 

Ok, thank you! I'm just installing 19.12.3 again to collect some error messages I'm getting with that driver.

ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero, Ryzen 9 5950X, 64GB G.Skill Trident Z Neo 3600Mhz CL16, Radeon VII

Thanks! Let us know if you hear back from them! It seems to be a Radeon VII-wide problem.

Journeyman III

I'd like to add that I am also having this issue with my R9 390 8GB

I tried rolling back to older drivers, even switching back to ReLive instead of whatever gimmicky name they've called the new bloatware and it didn't resolve the issue. Now I'm stuck doing a clean system install and hoping that the latest update hasn't fried my card.

Adept I

I got the well-known and infamous, broken-English, canned response from AMD that signals that they are not going to address the issue:

Your service request : SR #{ticketno:[8200926654]} has been reviewed and updated.

Response and Service Request History:

Thank you for your email. 

 I understand that you are noticing this issue on 2 different system with different drivers I suspect the issue with the potential hardware failure I suggest you to please contact the XFX and initiate the warranty.

Thanks for contacting AMD.


In order to update this service request, please respond without deleting or modifying the service request reference number in the email subject or in the email correspondence below.

Please Note: This service request will automatically close if we do not receive a response within 10 days and cannot be reopened.

If it is not feasible to respond within 10 days, feel free to open a new service request and reference this ticket for continued support.

Best regards,


AMD Global Customer Care


My Response:

This issue is impacting many users with many systems, with many different branded Radeon VII graphics cards.  The users are having the same experiences across the driver versions, regardless of system, or brand of card.  This has gone on too long.
Unless AMD's position is that that the Radeon VII itself is defective regardless of brand, this ticket must be escalated.   I am confident that the ball has been dropped on Radeon VII driver support, based on the poor quality of drivers we have seen this year.  However, this card is still the modern, 2019 flagship card from AMD, and must be supported as such.
All copies of correspondence with AMD on this topic are being posted publicly for posterity.

Radeon VII + AMD Radeon 2020 (19.12.x) causing ... | Community

Hi guys, Since upgrading to the new AMD Radeon 2020 (19.12.3) driver, my PC is very unstable. In most games a...


Tech support should also visit the AMD subreddit and see not only is the Radeon VII going down in flames, many with brand new 5700 and 5700 XTs are finding their cards highly unstable. Some are swearing to go back to that other companies GPUs. They are pretty angry. 

So all of these issues are hardware failures all at the same time the new drivers get released?

That was such a lazy response from support.  Doing an RMA is useless in this circumstance.  It's the drivers. It's very obvious and not something that can be brushed away as a small number of users with failing hardware. 

Great answer from AMD... 

I also wrote to their support team, but haven't gotten an answer so far.

ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero, Ryzen 9 5950X, 64GB G.Skill Trident Z Neo 3600Mhz CL16, Radeon VII

I also contacted them with as much details as I possibly could. Even added dumps from Blue Screen Viewer. They can't just brush this off.

It's not the first time I contacted them however. The last time I was suffering a while from purple/yellow screens while in Windows. It was a wide-spread problem. Only ever reply I got back was bulls*** and they basically made me out for an idiot for not setting the display collours correctly. What...the... f....

It's like they don't want my money or something.


I know right, they aren't even taking the issue seriously, instead just blaming customers and treating us as if we are all simpletons.

I'm almost due for a new card, I've been so happy with my R9 390 that I couldn't find value in upgrading. However AMD's response to this issue has me leaning to the green in future.


I have two systems with R9 390X that can't update past driver package  I've tried everything there is to try in the past year.  To top it off, AMD tech support only ever responds with "please do a clean install of the newest driver."  Frustrating. 

I have no issue with using the older drivers since they actually work, but windows update now attempts to install the newer display driver so its either continue to postpone updates or let it update, fail into a boot loop, safe mode it up remove the display driver and reinstall or earlier.  It's annoying af.  I think its the same issue that was solved for other cards/systems here: BSOD Crash ON INSTALL

I love the card when the driver actually works but I may go to the green as well.  I never had any issue like this with their cards or drivers.  

Adept II

Adept II

I got this answer back from contacting AMD:

Thank you for your email.

I understand that you are experiencing the issue regrading crashing with the latest drivers in your system  .

 I have reviewed your entire email thread as  you said you have performed all trouble steps but still you are experiencing  the same issue and also as you said by rolling back to  the previous driver version  your  system works fine .so I would suggest you to continue to use I while take this as a feedback and I will forward this to our internal team for further investigation please wait for next driver update .

Thanks for contacting AMD.

So I guess this means they're looking into it at least!

Let's hope they'll be able to reproduce and fix it.

Adept I

Short story, maybe try this and see if it helps: 

I have an update.  I've been running through the event viewer on my system, and then pasting the error codes into google to see if anyone is getting the exact same problems.  All the critical errors had the word "Radeon" in the text.  Turns out there are other threads on this very site where people are experiencing similar problems, but they are further along in troubleshooting.  One of the suggestions was to use the AMD Cleanup Utility in safe mode, and then install the drivers. 

My experience with this was that it removed everything AMD-related on my system.  Upon attempting to reinstall the drivers the system detected that I did not have a Radeon graphics card, then the system rebooted while auto-installing some core system drivers that had been deleted.  Then I ran the install program again, and it worked and rebooted.

First few reboots resulted in a 30 second hang before login screen, after that the system boots normally.

Performance of the 19.12.3 driver after all of this is that I have not experienced a full system crash yet, in several hours of using the machine.  However, after about 2 hours I start to get static in the audio which is resolved by rebooting the system.  So i've rebooted probably 5 times since i woke up this morning just so that I can continue binge-watching netflix .


The AMD Cleanup utility has the bad habit of removing things like chipset drivers/USB/etc...interestingly only on AMD doesn't affect Intel. Anyway that is why DDU is recommend for a clean install.

Adept I

I wanted everything AMD wiped out from my system so I actually used that cleanup utility, rebooted and then reinstalled the chipset drivers.  From there I rolled back to 19.11.3. everything's seems to be working again but strangely, all games that had DX12 on would crash where they never did before.

So switching to DX11 has left things stable so far.  

I'm glad I got full use of my PC back.  I have to use it a bit more to truly know I'm okay, but what an ordeal this has been.  

I am convinced very little testing was done before releasing these updates.  

I was excited about all the new changes but looks like I'll have to wait a bit before attempting an update. I hope a new and stable version is released soon. 

I just finished doing this exact same thing at about 6pm.  Its now 10:30.  I saw it posted on another forum as a fix for the issues.  So far the 19.11.3 drivers and newly installed chipset drivers are working well.

No occasional green flicker

no frequent screen flicker

no audio bus latency

no system crashes

no choppy video playback

no static in the audio (yet)

no superposition crashes

no system hang on boot

No "system errors" in the event viewer in the past 4 hours (there were 3,395 in the last 24 hours, and 63,182 in the past 7 days)

I'm crossing my fingers, but I think this driver might be working!

And I agree with you on their testing... they are clearly not testing these drivers even on their own hardware.  My system is currently all AMD, and fresh Windows 10 installation, and all this happens.

I'm going to go ahead and call this stable on 19.11.3.

No problems and no system errors, and it has been up and running for 18.5 hours.  I've run 3dMark, Superposition, Netflix, web surfing, YouTube, City Skylines and more with no problems.

I'm not overclocking this thing, so I will add observations that the temp never gets above 105 at the junction, which is much cooler than it was running before on other drivers.

Also, the benchmark scores and game performance are 3 to 10 percent lower than on other drivers.

I'll take the stability over buggy drivers and a super-heated card.

I'm going to call it stable also. 19.11.3 is the way to go here. I'll stick with this until a stable version of the latest is released.  And I'll take the slight performance hit also.  Much better than the alternative. 

Happy New Year everyone.  

Adept II

Try by disabling the enhanced sync in Radeon settings with latest 19.12.3 driver if you notice the same crashing issue switch back to previous working driver and directly report to AMD Issue Reporting Form.   

Adept I

FYI.  I tried 20.1.1 to see if this driver was a good one.

System crash and reboot within 10 minutes while reading yahoo news.

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Just read the whole thread and wished I read this earlier before we purchased the Radeon VII. I really want to watercool the GPU but spending another 300GBP ontop of the GPU price 600GBP, its getting silly now.

I cant even see the edges of my display, if I use the HDMI scaling, it locks to 30FPS. So I cant even see my start menu right now.

I don't have much time for the refund window either.

Its not the hardware, its 100% a driver issue with the crashing, its the Powerplay downclocking the GPU so much it crashes out, its as simple as that.

It was the exact same issue with the FuryX until I flashed it with a custom BIOS to disable the powerplay. We always have to fix not only the BIOS, but mod the drivers also.

If you have any issues please write in the Release Notes link.

Thanks again.

Adept II

Still happening with the 2020.01.01 drivers.

Radeon VII )(not overclocked)

Samsung C49RG9x Monitor with Enhanced Sync on

Asus Sabertooth MB Intel 4core

64 GB RAM with XMP profile loaded

Graphics driver will crash (blackscreen) with web browsers use

Reverting back to the last working drivers (19.12.1 2009)

Just updated to 20.1.1 and it still crashes from 19.12.3 or .2 and my Radeon 7 still crashes. Have never had this problem with 19.11.3 or anything below.....

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There's me thinking the 20.1.1 driver would cure the black screen bug.

Still bloody crashes, AMD this is a poor attempt.

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Why does this thread say Assumed Answered?

Where is this assumed answer?

Guess you have to ask thread starter about why marked assumed answered, you been on the forum long enough to know that OP has an option to mark it as such.

Have seen many threads (over the years on this forum) marked as 'assumed answered' before anyone has replied to it.

I did reply to another user on this thread explaining this, but seems they deleted their post as well as mine.

Ryzen 5 5600x, B550 aorus pro ac, Hyper 212 black, 2 x 16gb F4-3600c16dgtzn kit, NM790 2TB, Nitro+RX6900XT, RM850, Win.10 Pro., LC27G55T..

No idea why it was marked as Assumed Resolved. I didn't mark anything...

Adept II

I also have my screens going blank for 30 sec or so once in a while it reboots the entire system but not all the time

even with the recent update it still does it I would hate to go to Nivida as my monitors are free sync so I hope AMD gets this fixed soon

Adept I

Today's driver release includes the text, "Some single display Radeon RX 5700 series graphics product system configurations may experience intermittent reboots when the system is left idle on desktop."

That seems very generically related to the problems I've been having on Radeon VII.  I'm not going to mess with my system again this time since they are being 5700XT-specific in their verbiage, but hopefully someone here will try the driver and report back.


Ya I noticed will drop a note here if it fixes the radeon vii

Ok 2 days since driver 20.1.2 and so far no crashes even ran Elite dangerous for 5 hours at 95% GPU usage fans on manual full  no OC today and no problems