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Adrenalin Software BSOD Crash HD 7970 and R9 280 (UPDATED March 21 2019)

Question asked by cesarin on Feb 14, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2019 by pokester

The problem is that when you start your installation and when it reaches 33%, the PC is restarted and creating a blue  screen (BSOD) with the code 0x00000050 PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA, generated because of atikmdag.sys and in which it remains in a permanent restart cycle until it is restored to a previous configuration.



When reviewing the Installation.log file, it can be clearly seen that it is an error in the package that causes the installation to stop and fail.

[ERROR] - ERROR_DRIVER_PACKAGE_NOT_IN_STORE::[000000ADE1EF7F90] There does not exist an INF file in the driver store that corresponds to the INF file specified by DriverPackageInfPath.



My video card is an MSI R7970 Lightning and although the installation notes of the driver tell me that if it is compatible with my card to be from the 79XX family, this error is happening to me and many other users of HD 7970 and R9 280.


List of things that I have tried

  • Clean installation of Windows 10
  • Deactivating Antivirus Software and the Internet
  • Uninstall Old Drivers with DDU and AMD Cleaning Tool in safe mode
  • Test the Graphics Card in another computer.


The latest version that works for me is, November 2018.


List of failed drivers on install process

  • 18.12.2 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 18.12.3 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 19.1.1 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 19.1.2 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 19.2.1 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 19.2.2 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 19.2.3 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 19.3.1 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 19.3.2 (Crash in 33% of Installation)
  • 19.3.3 (Crash in 33% of Installation)


March 21 UPDATE:

Today, the Adrenalin 19.3.3 drivers were newly tested and they also have the BSOD failure in 33% of the installation. Already with this new version are 10 and do not solve or solve the problem. I give up.