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Journeyman III

Radeon software not working.

I tried overclocking my monitor with CRU and it didn't work. It was appearing on my monitor "Input Not Supported". I connected my PC to a TV and used DDU to uninstall the graphics drivers. Then, from Radeon's site, I installed AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition and when I start it it starts "very minimized"(I can only see the 3 buttons from the right-top side), something like this> or it doesn't even start at all. I tried reinstalling it, restarting my PC, running it as admin, anything I could think of. I have an RX 6650 XT from Gigabyte.

*SOLVED* I solved it by myself, finally, after almost 3 hours of continuous searching and trying to fix it. Nothing helped. I just thought of deleting the temporary files from temp and %temp% and it **bleep**ing worked finally

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