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Radeon Software Adrenalin 19.12.2 breaks Boneworks in VR

Boneworks (released today) works fine with 19.11.1, but updating to 19.12.2 and my Valve Index headset only shows text in one eye, making the game unplayable.

GPU: Reference Radeon VII
Driver : 19.11.1
OS: OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro N Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362

Edit: apparently it's more than just Boneworks: 

PSA: AMD's new GPU driver from today will break VR. Stay on a previous version. : ValveIndex 

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Adept I

Same here. 5700 XT and Index. Played fine on the previous driver. Got to play a couple hours of Boneworks fine. Then installed the 2020 Drivers and no good. Breaks VR for many AMD GPUs. Now I have to choose between VR and tons of features/stability/performance/fixes for normal games.


Same. Need a fix.

Volunteer Moderator

Everyone must report this issoe to AMD > AMD Issue Reporting Form 


I already did so as well.

Adept II

I have this problem too.

There are multiple threads on with users having the same issue.

reddit: the front page of the internet 

I don't know that it's limited to Boneworks specifically because I also see this in other VR games when I hit the WMR option button and get the pop-up menu in-game. The game might be fine but the WMR pop will have double vision - any game.

This has been an issue over the last few revisions, including the new 12.3.

Adept II

Just wanted to reply with this: 

Lots of replies there as well with the same issue, just to link the issue.