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Adept I

Radeon RX 7600 Drivers constantly crashing.

For context, I have just switched from a 1070 with absolutely NO issues, apart from being outdated and low FPS, especially in 1440p to a Gigabyte 7600.

Whenever I alt tab, it's a 75% chance it will crash the drivers and corrupt any current game data. This is not a hardware related issue, it is 100% the drivers and software AMD are using. What is going on, why is this happening to people giving you good money to have a bad time? I'm all for AMD over Nvidia but come on, simple issues such as drivers being so unstable are something you would have thought were left behind in the 2000's.

Can you just PLEASE, sort out your problems. And yes, I have checked windows error logs and its the drivers dying constantly. Also happens when playing deep rock galactic, another game with no issues with any other card i've ran it on. Crashes on exit.

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Adept I

I second this completely and am shocked at how this GPU has even shipped and how little there is to go off of from online errors and support. AMD Please take some action here on your GPU. I should not be spending an entire day troubleshooting your device for you.


The main driver issues seem to stem from DirectX 12, but ive received issues elsewhere as well

Here is an easily reproducible crash scenario : (IcedNZ If you could confirm this is also happening to you, this would be EXTREMELY helpful)

   Game: Fortnite

   Graphics Mode : DirectX12

   Attempt to turn on Ray tracing / nanite.


The above scenario will without fail cause your game to crash. Messing further with settings ive also had my entire GPU driver crash causing the system to fully reboot, although I haven't reliably found the scenario which causes this.



Troubleshooting steps taken : (tested above scenario after every troubleshooting step with the same result)

  • Used DDU to uninstall all graphics drivers
  • Reinstalled all drivers with software 
  • Removed drivers again and tried installing graphics drivers only 
  • Completely removed all game files and reinstalled multiple times 
  • Installed Windows 11


Like yourself, I also used DDU to uninstall completely anything that might ahve been left behind from Nvidia. Installed adrenalin along with the drivers, MULTIPLE times now. I found the only solution was not pushing the GPU otherwise it would crasht he drivers, which is really sad as I have seen this GPU attaining graphics levels, I am simply not able to do unless I want to risk crashing.

In the game Deep Rock Galactic, it would simply crash upon exiting the game and in Hogwarts Legacy, everytime my partner would play it, would crash on her, so had to revert down to medium settings at BEST otherwise it would just crash the game.

Yes, while hogwarts has been known to have some crashing issues, most of those are fixed and it really balls down to the GPU not being able to handle what it's marketed at and until this issue is resolved, in a time where it won't become dredundant, I am kind of regretting switching back over to team red. Really disappointing performance so far. Love my Ryzen, so flawless but your GPU are not holding up to the mark. 

ugh god sorry to hear man. Im still in my return window and am thinking of just plopping my old 1070 back in as it was less of a headache.

I know exactly what you mean with "pushing the gpu" and it seems like walking on eggshells with the thing. I can tweak one setting in a game and it will just crash it completely which is absolutely mind-boggling to me. how on earth did this driver pass QA testing.


Just curious, did you get the full computer shutdowns with anything so far ? are you using DX 12 with hogwarts legacy / deep rock galactic ?


(Also additional hilarious side note, apparently I cant post more than 2 things in 10 minutes on this website thats for community support without it thinking im a bot) postfloodinglol.png


Yeah no full crashes/blue screen just a driver crash, black screen with the rror window popping up. Once, the VERY first time it happened it didn't reload the driver and I had to reboot. And yes, both games run on DX 12. Like you, with my old nvidia card, also a 1070 I could push it as hard as I could try, it would just affect FPS, not crash the drivers, as any piece of hardware is expected, especially in this day and age.

Adept II

Rdna has been a dumpster fire since the very beginning 

Journeyman III

Hi There

I know it has been a while since you posted this but I have managed to sort out the Driver Timeout Crashing error.


AMD Adrenalin is the issue. It seems that the tuning settings for the GPU clock are way too high for the RX7600. The default max set by Adrenalin is 2900 MHz, but the max rating for the GPU is 2655 MHz.

I set mine to 2650, but noticed it still crashes because the GPU spikes to over 2670. I have set it to 2600 MHz and have been able to play without issues.

I had issues playing Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, where it crashed after 3 minutes every time, but after limiting the GPU clock I have been able to play for hours at a time on Ultra graphics settings. The only stumble is when I move the camera too soon when it loads in, so I give it 5 seconds and continue without issue.

I hope this helps everyone that is having these issues with AMD GPUs. 

You are a life saver! Ever since I've gotten my RX 7600, I've been having so many issues. My computer was even shutting down from playing Helldivers 2. I checked the max clock speed of my specific RX 7600 and saw it was 2655 so I set it to that and now I'm not having issues anymore. AMD needs to investigate this because I don't feel like the average user is going to be able to figure this out on their own.


Apology for a n00b question - but where do you exactly set the clock to 2600? I checked the Adrenalin app but I only have 3 presets - default, undervoltage and overclock.


OK, found it xD

So today after full day of Fortnite -> no issues Thanks for the tip!