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Journeyman III

Radeon ReLive recording at very poor fps

Hi, I have been trying to use the ReLive function to record instant replays, and the recordings are incredibly inconsistent, and never even close to the 60fps it should be recording at. It will typically look like 30 fps or lower, and the bitrate is far lower than the settings in the video file (images shown below). I have tried nearly every different recording setting, from the base settings to changing bitrate, HEVC/AVC, resolution, instant replay buffer and more, and can never get a reliable recording. I have run this with the old and new versions of radeon software, updated drivers, installed and reinstalled programs, etc. Can never get good recordings in games such as CS:GO, minecraft, Destiny, and more. 


R9 3900x

XFX 5700XT Triple Dissipation

Gigabyte X570 gaming x

1 tb Nvme m.2 SSD

"Good" video quality (rarely happens)"Good" video quality (rarely happens)Poor video quality, extremely commonPoor video quality, extremely common

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