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Journeyman III

Problem with the AMD Radeon HD 5470 driver windows 10


I recently update my laptop's windows to windows 10 pr 64bit

My Graphic Card model is amd radeon hd 5470

and Laptop is Sony Vaio VPCEA3GGX

I used windows 7 64bit pro with no problem

but after updating to Windows 10 pro 64bit I can not play most of video formats with applications like media player or KM player or Pot Player and video plays just with sound of the video in black screen

I searched the problem and realized that it is because the driver is not up to date (I use the latest driver  which is 15.7.1 WHQL also tried Crimson Edition 16.2.1 Beta)

I also tried another driver with a software like Driver Reviver and update my Graphic Card Driver to a newer version but the problem of that is that is not compatible my graphic card and I couldn't conncet any projector to my laptop.

Can anyone help me with this problem? 

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Have you tried installing the K-Lite Codec Pack?


yes I tried but didn't work


If your processor is a Intel processor, then your HD5470 Mobile GPU card is legacy and not supported by AMD with driver updates. You only have a choice of two from here: 

1- WHQL 2015

2-BETA 2016

Sony has no drivers for Windows 10 from your Laptop Support download page: Drivers and Software updates for VPCEA3GGX | Sony USA 

Make sure you have the latest Intel Drivers installed especially the Intel APU Graphics driver if appropriate. AMD drivers needs Intel graphics and drivers (Chipset) be the latest to work correctly. 

I highly suggest you don't use one those 3rd party Driver Updaters. They many times install drivers that are not compatible. It is best to use the Manufacturer Hardware Driver updater like Intel has with it Intel Driver Assistant.

Does your laptop support Windows 10 upgrade?


Thanks for your support

My Processor is also intel 

right now WHQL 2015 is install on my laptop and I have problem with that right now

Sony didn't support my laptop to upgrade it to win10 but I install new windows 10 and it works very well and the problem is just that I mentioned here


It is possible that your laptop doesn't have the correct hardware to run Windows 10 100% which is probably why Sony wouldn't support the laptop with Windows 10.

Can you still open a Sony Support ticket and ask if Windows 10 is fully compatible with your laptop model?

Have you updated the Intel Drivers. That needs to be the latest for the AMD driver to work correctly as per this AMD instruction on updating the laptop: 

As a last resort, Reinstall Windows 7 with the same AMD version Driver and see if everything works correctly. If it does then that would indicate it is a Windows 10 compatibility issue.



I asked Sony before and they told me that the last version of OS that they support my laptop is windows 7!

But I I want to have Windows 10 and I think it doesn't have any problem except this

All my drivers are up to date and my windows is up to date.

I can do just one thing that works correctly

and that is to install a driver from an application like Driver Reviver and the problem with videos will solve

but the problem of those drivers is that I can not connect my laptop to any projector!

Can I install another application for that to work and solve my problem?


Those 3rd party Driver Updaters are not very reliable. They install drivers that are not compatible and end up bricking your PC until you do a Restore point or System Restore or are able to remove it in Safe mode.

This tech site is one that seems to be helpful in connecting a Windows 10 laptop to a projector: How to Connect a Projector to Your Windows 10 Computer 

Is the Projector connected via cable (HDMI, DP, etc) or wireless or Bluetooth?

If by cable, make sure the cable is good and not defective. If using an Adapter make sure it is an "Active" adapter and not "Passive".

When you connect the Projector is it recognized by Windows? In Device Manager? or in Settings - Display?