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Journeyman III

problem with rx580 and windows11 HELP!

Suddenly while i was on yt, my screen turned black and ''not display'' appeared.I switched my hdmi cable to igpu and it worked.I saw at the device manager that there was a triangle at rx580 and when i clicked i saw that the error code is 43.I tried everything.I clean installed drivers 10 times,the triangle and the error stopped appearing but when i switch hdmi to gpu no display.Also when i try to open adrenaline app i get the following message: windows update may have automatically  replaced your  AMD graphics drivers.Even when i reinstall the newest drivers there is this message and i can't open the app.Moreover,everytime i turn on the pc with igpu the tringle and the error 43 reappear until i reinstall newest drivers  but i still get the message from adrenaline.(windows 11 64 bit).The card is new ,like 3 months in the pc.I am really pissed with the problem.Really i don't want to blame amd but if the problem doesn't get fixed i will never trust you again guys

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Adept I

Try this:

1- Download the 23.3.1 drivers.

2- Turn off your internet to prevent windows from updating drivers.

3- Uninstall drivers with DDU or AMD CleanUP utility.

4- Install the 23.3.1 drivers.

Post back here the results.

Best of luck!



First of all thank you for your reply.I did it step by step but i get the same error: when i try to open adrenaline "windows update may have automatically  replaced your  AMD graphics drivers.." and when i go in device manager there is still the tringle there with error code 43.When i update rx580 from device manager (let me choose ) and i press the option with the name "rx580" the error code is gone but i still cant open adrenaline or display from gpu.I also think it is windows 11 problem because when i try to boot into safe mode i get black screen.The card is working 100%.Anything else i should try?


Maybe try in Windows 10 with the 23.3.1 drivers. Windows 11 might install wrong drivers for the PCI BUS or even the wrong GPU drivers. Try to install your card withouth being connect to the internet to prevent windows update from getting the wrong drivers.



Yes i think that windows 11 causing problems .Thank you for your time

Adept III

1: Type Windows+R.

2: Type: gpedit.msc

3: Go to: Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Open "Do not include drivers with windows updates".

4: Select Enable > Apply > Accept.

5: Download the latest driver available for your GPU.

6: Restart your PC in safe mode.

7: Use the DDU to uninstall the entire video driver.

8: Restart.

9: Install new driver.

10: My english is a shi*t