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Adept II

PlayReady 3.0 on Radeon RX Vega still not delivered?

I have a Vega 64 in my gaming PC (with a Ryzen 5 3600) , and I am not able to watch Netflix in HDR or in 4k, because there is the requirement for the driver to support Microsoft PlayReady 3.0 in order for the Netflix app to allow 4k and HDR.
The TV I use (LG C1) supports both 4k and DolbyVision and HDCP, but without PlayReady 3.0 in Windows 11 Netflix refuses to go above HD.

Radeon RX 500 Series (before Vega) and all AMD GPUs after Vega support PlayReady.

Why is this not yet implemented for Vega?

More than two years have passed from the announcement that PlayReady support will be increased. It came to the RX 500, and RDNA, but Vega no. Why?

Having a GPU that is not really the best for gaming anymore not being able to watch streaming in quality is not acceptable. It pretty much becomes a brick after some time.

Will AMD deliver this feature at some point (even if 4-5 years after releasing the product)?

The main competitor was supporting this since their 10 series GPUs.

Not supporting such an important feature makes it seem like there is no will from AMD to support their customers and build a loyal fan base, and I become not inclined to buy an RDNA3 based product in the future, because this experience is awful and steers me towards the competition.

A recent 500$ MSRP GPU that does not stream Netflix in 4k or HDR, think about that! It should be the top priority in the driver development backlog.

We are not talking about Smart access memory or something that gives a few % performance, we are talking about not being able to watch 4k or HDR, because of a missing DRM feature in the driver!

In software development such issues are flagged with the "showstopper" or "blocker" tag and get sorted as soon as possible.

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Adept II

Also VP9 decoding on Youtube in 4k/HDR is skipping a lot of frames, presumably because of lack of decoding capabilities.