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Journeyman III

PC Won't Open after Uninstalling Radeon Driver(AMD catalyst software) Please Help.

My PC was working normally, But after uninstalling (AMD catalyst control center Driver) When PC Restarted i got black screen (cannot display this video mode optimum resolution 1280x1024 60hz)

im using GPU (AMD radeon 7000 series 1gb)

my monitor is Dell 17 inch

Case: HP Elite Disk 705 G3 AMD PRO A6-8570 R5, 8 COMPUTE CORES 2C+6G

Windows 10 Pro

i cant use F8/Esc/Tab/F12/F2/F10 or Boot to new windows or do anything Just Black Screen

(cannot display this video mode optimum resolution 1280x1024 60hz)

Please Help Thank u...


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You have two GPUs in your PC.

The HD 7xxx GPU card and the APU Processor with IGPU.

Do you get video output during POST or BIOS from either the GPU card or Motherboard video outputs?

Try connecting your monitor to your Motherboard's Video Output and see if you get any video on your Monitor.

Generally if you uninstall the GPU's graphic driver from your PC, Windows will automatically install MS BASIC DISPLAY ADAPTER driver so that you will get video output while finding or installing a new GPU Driver.

Either your GPU card is not being seen by BIOS so BIOS made your IGPU the Main Display adapter instead of your HD 7xxx GPU Card or your GPU card is defective or you installed the wrong AMD driver. That is why I suggest you connect your Monitor to your motherboard's Video Outputs that gets its signal from your APU IGPU.

Or remove your GPU card and see if you get video output from your IGPU Motherboard video outputs or not.