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Optional Adrenalin driver is crashing Windows 10

The latest driver, listed as "Adrenalin Edition 18.4.1 Optional", seems to be crashing Windows 10 64 bit on the Dell E6540 running an HD8790M GPU. I have tried this on two machines now and both were rendered unbootable by the driver update, which had to be removed using Safe Mode to recover functionality. Can anybody confirm this issue?

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I updated in the conventional way. If any of the above is the cause then there is something wrong with AMD's update system.


Try updating your Intel graphics as shown in the post > Laptop graphics update...How to

Is this is a known fix to the particular problem that I have or are you just chucking out ideas?


The AMD drivers in a switchable graphics configuration is designed to work with the latest ISP (Intel) drivers and those are to be had at the Intel site mentioned. But that's just a idea I'm chucking out. Good luck.


Thanks for the explanation. Will give it a try.

Windows is reporting that the driver from Intel is not valid for this laptop. With the latest driver available from the Dell website installed, the machine is locking up with the latest AMD driver.


That happens frequently especially laptop drivers. Use the 'have disk' method of installing the driver...from the Device Manager. How to Update Intel HD Graphics Drivers on Windows 10 - Driver Easy

You should/could use a clean install as outlined in the link I posted and take the steps necessary to prevent/delay Microsoft from automatically changing/installing the drivers. This includes deleting the old drivers from your outlined.

This also assumes you are trying to install the correct AMD driver.