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OpenGL and AMD Adrenaline 23.5.2

I run Grand Prix Legends on my 6 month old  Ryzen 5 5600G with Radeon graphics, on Windows 10 22H2.

When I first ran GPL on this machine back in January 2023, it worked perfectly. In GPL there is an option tto run either DirectX or OpenGL. I chose to run OpenGL asI was advised it performs better than Directx with this program.

After W10 performed its first update, GPL stopped working. I restored the system to the previous setup and GPL worked again. I then postponed all updates until roughly Jun1 , at which time W10 announced I could no longer postpone the updates.

I allowed the updates and GPL stopped working. I found  AMD had updated to 23.5.2

After considerable faffing about involving reloading of the program etc, I discovered that the program ran with 23.5.2  if I opted for the DirectX raseriser.

 . After consulting the GPL community, it turns out AMD stopped supporting OpenGL after 22.5.2.



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OpenGL is very very old. Its an open source graphics library.. But you see in like the 60's the AMD computers had military aeronautical space and whatever AMD MANTLE API its an acronym.. later in the present day the KHRONOS group who are all fanboys of AMD and worship AMD's leftover scraps from 60 years ago and wait for its copyright to expire as its the best possible thing there physically can be ever mathematically so like once its made public they fight over using it and renaming it or pool their money to rename and ruin it then slowly raise it back up again over decades.. with advanced micro devices microsoftware windows through time and space operating system that works with REAL astronomy radiation light and sound TRUE AUDIO says so on the box is actually nothing like how it SHOULD be. but it still lets home users game.. not like the military or space program with real AMD game. BTW its hard to purchase a real AMD computer, buy them from AMD directly. So uhh open GL is often a sort of uhh linux homebrew version of graphics features. Imagine theres perfection and real world quality.. then theres someone making a faster one for home users that does a 'similar thing' that they think is 'cool' and 'efficient' and 'optimal' like nvidia and intel having a single real AMD computer do the maths beforehand like a chefs "heres one i baked earlier" and then doctor it up to look like what you think like make a plastic display foods in the food court or wax grapes or whatever "wow look how realistic those grapes look" Can you believe how real these grapes look? Then nvidia uses the real AMD computer to do all their AI and DLSS and streaming and video services.. and pretend it needs online to reach it like its amazon alexa or siri or something so they then charge full computer prices for a NOT computer. The same way you could take a mathematician and have them type their entire natural lives on a calculator and die of old age before ever doing a single thing ever.. computers were invented for this reason. To use constant constants and have them interact with each other in different ways and assign different values to understand the nature of existence and detect fraud or solve the unknown and perceive what cant be perceived like time and space or dark matter type nonsense. basically ever since the era of voodoo3dfx and other things open GL stayed openGL and it was almost never updated because mantle and vulkan or other similar did it way better years ago. like sooo very long ago.. vulkan lets you reality to spocks home world.. as a home gamer its pretty neat huh? like digital camera like a mirror 1:1 RNA DNA real maths .. so .. the updates for openGL are like once ever few years and are often super obsolete or outdated but trickle in or trickle down? its like they just copy VULKAN and make it compatible for OLDER hardware and NOT computers.. true be told openGLnext was supposed to be a thing but vulkan killed it off ages ago. now open GL is sooo very far behind its just making expected stuff work for ancient open GL hardware/apps for people like banks or cable TV companies and dont roll out new fibre or banking ATM's network and computers for every bank on earth they have because well **bleep**s expensive and if it works dont change it.. but yeah nvidia and intel are super mathematically NOT a computer at all.


@quattN1T  do not break your head too much on @Anonymous 's response, half of it is not even accurate even though I suppose it was meant figuratively or somewhat sarcastically.

If you want your OpenGL problems to be recognized, try to post or link this on the Devgurus -> OpenGL & Vulkan part of the forum. For some reason, every now and then the AMD drivers lose some of their OpenGL libraries/optimizations/drivers and therefore you have to report it to the OpenGL developers.

Back to some of Eccentric's comments, Vulkan and DirectX12 was designed with the help of AMD Mantle, because Async Compute was not taken advantage of even though DirectX11 was meant to be "DirectX12" with some disillusional DirectX11 specifications from Microsoft.

Furthermore, all computers released for personal use have been real computers. Anything with a central processing unit capable of doing binary/octal/decimal arithmetic are real computers.

Lastly, which I forgot to mention, even though OpenGL is somewhat of a legacy graphics API, it has been updated up until around 2016/2017 to compete with DirectX11. In addition, it is not really "open source" like many people label it, it is a specification just like DirectX, but the tools and documentation to use it is probably free whereas DirectX requires payment to get necessary tools. With the age in mind, OpenGL is not "obsolete" for gaming and there is little excuse for not providing a workable driver. Thankfully, AMD has released performance improvements for OpenGL in the past year.

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The reason directx11 wasnt directx 12.. nvidia and intel hardware are still not directx9! or directx or directx3d anything! go ahead use true light and true radiation data with DIRECT XRAY converted 2d video to 3D game world your 3d software can walk around in with your 3d settings applied using DIRECT3D and use the DIRECTX9 aperture function.. their PICTURES have been made into fake 0 aperture TEXTURES because they cant directx9! they literally arent a computer get it through your head!

they lack the physical hardware to do the real maths.. they predo their maths and compile and its all binary 2 bit junk. They use what is like a bunch of calculators.. to make a big calculator.. but a calculator is NOT a computer! Most common cheap calculators cannot math! they literally physically cant.

Look.. take a calculator and press the number 9 key.. that key is always number 9.. you cant assign a different value to it or use the algebra infinities and eternities.. you cannot math with it. You also cannot physically press buttons for maths constants like the Pi button for radius and then have it interact in complex ways with other constants and use those to create a new maths constant button! (think of hardware maths for constants all being all possible maths continuous constant forever eternal repeating instant infinity maths all maths in the ZEN CORE). because intel and nvidia arent a computer at all.. ever .. they cannot math.. they are the cheapest calculator garbage that can binary 2bit pretend computer fake nonsense.. its 2D not 3D type stuff. So their actual hard disk performance and specs are mostly bull**bleep** and they still dont even use real NVME and proper stuff. Go ahead look at your 10 years warranty samsung pro NVME drives or whatever and your DDR4 RAM.. see the specs, then run something thats not one of their fake benchmarks but a real thing realtime real performance and measure it with like windows boot times and game load times and special custom linux/bios and overclocking custom bios tools and you will see how infinitely **bleep**ty NOT computers nointel novideo those not companies are!


@Anonymous my guy, where are you getting your information from and how is this related to @quattN1T 's request for help?

I achieved a BSc in Computing and cannot agree with the misinformation you are writing. You are incorrectly describing some CPUs as GPUs. Graphics Cards are more specialized than CPUs and have thousands of cores to render every pixel and yes they do not do arithmetics on the level at which CPUs do.

Intel and AMD CPUs can do any binary arithmetic calculations, because their design evolved from Turing Machines. Furthermore, binary can be converted to octal, decimal and hexadecimal representations.

Calculators do not have enough memory to store pre-calculated maths, of course they have the capability to do arithmetic on different numbers.

Lastly, all fundamental programs get compiled before runtime, that is how computers work and why games are also pre-compiled for the x86 architecture. Stuff like JavaScript is compiled/interpreted line for line during runtime.

@Anonymous ok enough of this, you are hijacking a post of someone with an actual issue to spew nonsense.

I am done conversing with you, since your aim is to troll.


Hi hitbm47

Thanks for the info. I will follow your advice and link this to the Devgurus site

How do I get this question to the Development team? I am only a newcomer so I cannot post on the OpenGL Vulkan forum. I have sent AMD debug reports in before I I posted on the Community forum, but so far have had no response.

Please excuse me for only replying now. You have to request access to the Devguru->OpenGL forum.

I cannot remember if there was an option to request access or if you had to message some of the developers, but I know members of the name "dipak" and "dorisyan" are AMD developers or moderators on those forums, "xhuang" also used to be part of the team.

Hi @quattN1T ,

As @hitbm47 suggested, please post the above issue here: AMD OpenGL & Vulkan Forum . I have whitelisted you, so now you should be able to post there.

P.S. Instead of linking this post, I would suggest that you create a new thread there and copy-paste the description as needed. Please provide the detailed steps to reproduce this issue (any screenshots, demo video, game save etc. would be helpful).


Thank you for weighing in @dipak , I hope you are well and I assume @quattN1T can accept your response as an answer once he was able to create a new post on the OpenGL & Vulkan forum.