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Journeyman III

New Driver Update Available - But Recommended To Use An Older Driver in Radeon Settings?

Today I had notification of new update 18.9.3 I am running 18.9.1 but the Radon Settings box has 18.5.1 as the recommended driver, RX580 8gb RX 1700X 16 gb 2400 ram Dell 5675 latest bios.

the pc works fine on the 18.9.1 but why is it listing the older driver.

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It's a bug...have seen this mentioned before. It could be referring to the WHQL driver. If your not having any issues with the current drivers, there is no reason to update the drivers.

I'm kinda in your camp on this one kingfish. I am looking at Radeon Settings on an install with 18.5.1 and it is recommending I install 18.9.3. If it isn't a bug it is at least an unsolvable chicken vs egg scenario!

Community Manager

It's not a bug, it just refers to the most recent WHQL driver. Unless you are looking for some performance optimisations or new game support, you should stick with the recommended driver.

Well you may not call it a bug but I wouldn't call the software recommending the same driver that's already installed a feature. It's been doing this over several versions now on both Win 10 and Win 7. Right now I have (after clean install) 18.12.2 installed and it's recommending 18.12.2.

Seems to always recommend the WHQL (recommended) driver when the optional is installed, makes sense but not recommending the already installed driver whatever one wants to call that behavior.


the worst part is that you could ignore it if turning off notifications worked. But that is a bug too! It doesn't honor turning it off. The only way to get rid of it is turning off the overlay, which should be unrelated IMHO but also you lose the overlay.