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Adept I

New Driver 2020 Vega 64

I have just updated to the new driver today. And it is not correctly applying any settings for my undervolt/overclock. Even after resetting and making a new profile. I have verified this in testing using multiple monitoring tools. And yes i ran DDU before updating.

Looks like i'm returning to 19.10.2. It's the most stable for Vega.

System Spec: MSI B450 Gaming Carbon AC

                       Ryzen 3700x PBO enabled.

                       16GB DDR4 3200mhz CL16 Overclocked to 3600mhz (1800 IF)

                       Sapphire Vega 64 Nitro+ LE Overclocked 1742/1050mhz (1700mhz sustained clock.)

                       Windows 10 1909

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Use 2.2, or 3.1.  3.1 supposedly fixes HBCC, which is definitely broken on all the older drivers. Vega Overclocking  works very poorly on Wattman compared to OverdriveNTool, and your best option is to set your settings first with OverdriveNTool, then save them again under Wattman manual. Wattman may "forget" your settings sometimes, but they will keep after OverdriveNTool applied then Wattman verified. If it doesn't, the settings aren't 100% stable, which can run some older games fine, but hard crash Vulkan or other new games. Undervolting especially. I have personally tested that settings under 1076mV are not truly stable on my card, and even when it did "work" the GPU had occasional micro-stuttering meaning the OC wasn't really working. Also, Wattman is well known for "forgetting" overclocks after a reboot, so OverdriveNTool is pretty much a requirement for any Vega overclock. Electro-migration is also a thing, so don't think for a second your maximum undervolt is permanent, or stable just because you don't crash. I noticed minor throttling and stutters with "stable" undervolts that didn't crash, and the only fix is raising the voltage until it goes away. Some overclocks may ultimately be impossible due to voltage stability combined with thermal and power limits. Each card has it's own limit. Also, HBM instability will crash more than GPU instability, GPU will just random stutter.

Last years drivers were not really more stable. Stability highly depends on what games and software you were running, and 2.2/3/1 are generally more stable overall, with 3.1 incorporating most of the best bug fixes and performance improvements.

4.1 on the other hand, has been benchmarked to have worse performance than 3.1, not to mention stability regression bugs and is not worth using.

19.10.2 stability is an illusion. The reality is probably closer to that the card is unstable without crashing, and your games aren't taxing the GPU hard enough to lock up, which only works on that version, but you are still going to experience micro stuttering or random downclocks. Vega is ultimately a PITA to OC, and there is no "true" overclock when the thing has such hardcore power throttling built into the GPU with no true method of disabling.


My RX 480 is factory overclocked, I do give the card more power in the Radeon Software that is retained with reboot.

I am using a fresh install of Windows (RMA on the motherboard ) and 20.4.1 is less of a headache than earlier offerings


4.1 probably works "good enough", but it has performance regression on Doom Eternal, which I play, and can't recommend it to anyone who plays Doom Eternal. It's not worth it unless 4.1 fixes a specific bug you have, or play RE3.

4.1 also blocks single digit hotkeys, so anyone who uses them should avoid 4.1, but that is only a temporary solution, as you will have to update eventually and rebind those hotkeys. Hell, single digit hotkeys weren't even the problem. The problem was default hotkeys being assigned to WASD (insane), and other conflicting functions, and should have never had such stupid defaults to begin with. Speaking of stupid, the OSD also doesn't support RED as a preset color, and you have to manually type it in. The 2020 UI is also a step back towards Microsoft's Win8 UI, in which there are actually two separate control panels, one which is basic, and one which is advanced, which the advanced is highly necessary but hidden, and then all the super advanced options are MASHED TOGETHER under GENERAL with no decent organization. But that's just UI stupidity, and not a bug.

Anyways, I'd recommend people stick to 3.1 until AMD fixes the performance drop of 4.1. I don't see 4.1 offering any necessary improvements, and many things have regressed. Performance and usability, for one.


i use the steam osd which works most of  the time


Just no.

Set your driver to default

Uninstall your driver an install this one. 

Adept I

As a follow up. I have used many drivers over the last few weeks trying to find something i can work with and i found one.

I'm using Driver 20.2.2. My Vega is rock solid. It's never performed better. With a massive undervolt.

P6 1552mhz @ 980mv P7 1672 @ 990 HBM 1050 @ 970mv +15% power target.

Sustained clock speed of 1630mhz and it boosts all the time to 1725mhz. Temps are very good at 65c gpu temp, 73c HBM temp and hot spot below 90c.

The one thing i have changed. I am not using Wattman or Adrenaline 2020. Just the driver. Boom!

@AMD Your drivers are fine. The added software you incorporate with the driver is substandard. 

I suggest you rethink what you are doing before the Next Gen Navi launches. No point is making great GPU's if you cannot use them due to Adrenaline 2020.