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MSI Radeon 5700 XT running latest driver 19.12.3 Fixed MSI Afterburner problems

Finally I am able to run MSI Afterburner with driver 19.12.3 without blinking screen or crashing. I do not have AMD software installed. I can use all features with afterburner but I am the happiest with custom fan curve.

Thanks for the fix AMD.

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Adept II

So OC, UV, custom fan curve are ok now with Afterburner  ?


All seems good with afterburner been running all day with 99% utilization but with aggressive fan curve giving 70°c hot spot temp. OC and UV will be something you would have to test.

Adept II

So you just installed the driver alone, without the crapware? Just making sure, cause I've had the same issues with AfterBurner, and I fixed all the other issues I've had.


Yes. there is no AMD software installed on my pc.pastedImage_1.png

Nice! I'll check that out tomorrow. Is that a new version of AfterBurner or just a skin?


Yea thats the MSI mystic skin

Hey Angel. Finally getting around to setting up these new drivers only with your method. I hit a snag here though.... On the two images, which vid driver do I select (the one that starts with C or the one that starts with U? And which folder do I use for the audio driver and which driver would I use in that folder?
Thanks in advance:

Vid Drivers.jpgAudio Drivers.jpg


You should be able to select the folder "WT6A_INF" and ok then the device manager should automatically find the right driver to use.  The audio is used for the software and should not be used.

Shown in image selecting the folder from browse button.pastedImage_2.png


Nope. Whenever I just clicked the folder and then ok it said no driver selected. I had to select one of those two inf files to get it to install. I selected the one that begins with C and it apparently installed both that one and the other one, based on the details page of the driver. Buuuuuttttttt..... I'm STILL getting black screen after starting the system cold.....
I also had to install the HDMI driver for the audio because it wouldn't allow me to use Dolby ATMOS without it.
I do believe I'm done with this card though..... This was the last shot, and it failed. I'm just gonna RMA it and go for an NVidia card. Eight months is WAY too long to be friggin around tryin to get a GPU to work properly, while losing money because I can't keep deadlines on video and audio production projects.