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Adept I

Massive 30% Regression with official AMD Drivers vs Microsoft stock on Vegas

I asked earlier but my question seems to have disappeared.
I tested this with 100% reproducible results
CPU: 3900X
GPU: RX580
OS versions tested Windows 10 - 1703 / 1903
Clean installs and no other apps running except Vegas and Task Manager

With the stock MS Driver
CPU: 30% 
GPU: 100%
Time to render 6:20

With the AMD drivers 19.3.2-Mar14 and 19.9.1-Sep4
CPU: 20%
GPU: 80%
Time to render 9:20

Almost 33% slower.

Another issue is with the stock driver Davinci Resolve won't open. So either I'm stuck with poor performance and can use Davinci and Vegas or I have good performance but can't use Davinci.

It's as if the official driver from AMD is throttling GPU. Temps are all low though and a well ventilated chassis with mostly NVMe / SSD's storage.

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