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Make A AMD Gaming Software Like Nvidia's Geforce Experience!

AMD can you make a gaming software like Nvidia's Geforce Experience because we AMD users could really use that but we don't have it?

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Anything in particular, or is it your old legacy card doesn't have/cannot access the new features that have been added/introduced.

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Yes my card is a Legacy card but it doesn't matter, all AMD users should have a Gaming Software like Nvidia users have the Geforce Experience and we had the Gaming Evolved app but AMD quit supporting that unfortunately


You can still get Gaming Evolved (raptr)...just go to this website Download AMD Gaming Evolved App Powered by Raptr - Raptr


Yes but AMD said that they stopped working on it so there's no point, it's gonna get outdated


It is outdated and no longer supported by anyone. It can be downloaded but the company closed and the version up is the last there will be an no telling how long that lasts. Although if it helps this person until they can update to a newer card, by all means.

This is from there site:

Latest Press Releases


We’re Sad To Say Goodbye To Raptr

We are sad to announce that we will be closing Raptr on September 30th, 2017. We want to start by thanking you for your support over the past 10 years. The world is different today than when we first launched Raptr. Many companies offer game optimization tools. Having an independent platform to do this is […]


So to the OP, AMD does have new features but you would need a newer product that is supported by the new drivers. It's unfortunate but sooner or later all hardware, gets left behind. Yours may be in the sooner camp. I wouldn't hold my breath on getting something new for your, as you already know, legacy hardware.


Please don't, as I know from who using it it's only reason why they using it it's drivers updating. Green company make good drivers but anyway from time to time it must be DDUed, uninstalled in proper way, on other side geforce experience - totaly spyware/bloatware software together with telemetry container service what driver installing even without it. Better way making uninstaller and autoupdate mechanism better, you always need DDU to uninstall drivers, why? because uninstaller do it's job bad. AMD must fix they endless bugs in drivers and not spent time for useless software like that, in my opinion. Your card from 2010 and have only few stable outdated versions of drivers for it, support of that series dropped on half way without fix, any driver for radeon hd 6000 have some serious bugs which make it unusable, nothing to discuss here.

I used the Gaming Evolved app for game optimization