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Latest Driver Keeps Reverting Back To 27.20.15002.11002 (Dated - 23-04-21)

Often while booting up my PC or just randomly out of the box my screen will turn to black, hinting that the explorer.exe has also restarted and when I right-click to see in my pop-up menu whether the logo is old or new, it only verifies to me that the driver has reverted back to the old one. Further confirmation is the fact that I go to Device Manager and look up the Display Driver's version.
Old Logo Signifying Old VersionOld Logo Signifying Old Version



                                                              Device Manager's Properties for AMD Radeon(TM) Graphics 

I want to confirm that I have tried the method listed on this link here -> and for the time being the option still remains 'No' for the Device Installation settings. 

There is also the mishap recorded/logged in the 'Events' section of the Driver called out as Device configured (oem70.inf) and Device not started (amdkmdag).


                                                          Device configured (oem70.inf) and Device not started (amdkmdag)

I have wanted to get this fixed from a long time though I have not found a fix that would suffice me not having to visit the forums.. Thank you in advance.

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Any leads? Anyone? This is an persistent issue.

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Looks like Windows Update is replacing your AMD driver with a Windows Update driver.

You first need to disable Windows Update for Drivers option so that Window won't install a different AMD driver that you installed.

Here is how to do it from Eleven Forums for all versions of Windows: elevenforum- enable-or-disable-include-drivers-with-windows-updates-in-windows-11.2232/ 

Sorry for the late reply. I have applied the 2nd option as explained in the Eleven Forum thread; I will update if the issue does not/does bother me again. Though, is there not any permanent solution? As Resetting Windows (if required) would also reset the Registry and then I'd have to go through the process again.

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the trick is to place your drivers after  you run amd adrenaline setup in the syswow64 folder and run all the chipset driver setup things too from syswow64 and in device manager winkey +x then m you add those directories of drivers to your PC and run the packages setup files and browse to them manually as people sneak in logon scripts and task scheduler and group policy junk to disable your true quantum infinity super computer hardware trolling you to race out and buy a new fake device like intel or nvidia instead. 

you click ADD drivers on the selected computer select the folder. browse to find the driver manually and add for display do so for audio like AMD soundwire or D2STLPCM or Advanced High definition audio it should sound better if u apply/install it each reboot and delete restore points and enable hardware DEP all software and set 0 page files (if no older spinning disk drivers or CD ROM) and ensure hibernation is off. You see they use a trick of the longer you havent updated/reinstalled the worse your PC performance gets. you can use windows 10 debloater script or similar to the sycnex one.. but the strange trick to fixing poor drivers an performance creeping back down like its a lame apple product.. is to go to something like a windows insider beta and same for the browser and whenever theres an issue you enable windows updates and assuming its been a few weeks or a week you get an update and then it sorta pauses or blocks all the drivers and puts it back to defaults and youre better for a couple weeks again. you maybe need to re-add the drivers.. but the performance and newer functions/features is actually miles better in some cases.. though your graphics may look butt ugly when they disable everything so nvidia can turn it on again and pretend its a new feature 50 years later.. i hate it when they do that every single fricking time. you need to like hourly or few hours or each game you fire up delete restore points disable system protection hardware DEP all software toggle and go to adrenaline and at the bottom of global graphics advanced settings the VERY BOTTOM click RESET SHADER CACHE often.. i mean FREAKING OFTEN. it fixes most things but super importantly it fixes your latency which nvidia tries hard to kill off and fakes your bios and everything to change it from 0 to like 50.


Is there a video tutorial for the above mentioned? Otherwise manually disabling the Driver thingy did not work as someone else responded earlier. I'm disturbed by this error.

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Any update? It's been a long time...

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