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Journeyman III

It is reccommended to uninstall current driver 1st, however it is not on the programs and features uninstall list. Can I just do a clean install, without having to locate current driver by changing registry?

Hello! I am wanting to update my AMD graphics driver as I recently downloaded Fortnite and the screen is unstable while playing it.

It's reccommended to unistall current driver 1st, however it's not on the list in programs and features.

As such, can I do a clean install, whereby I can avoid having to go into the registry to locate it and shorten it's name, as I read.

From what I could gather, my current driver/Processor is AMD A8-7600 Radeon R7 10 compute 4c + 6G 3.10GHz

I currently have a graphics score of 5.2 and a D3D Gaming Graphics score of 9.9

My computer is a Lenovo 64 bit, I purchased in 2015. Windows 10 opperating system.

I downloaded the AMD Driver Auto Detect Tool, but did not see a screen that showed my current driver version vs the latest commpatible version.

The screen that appeared after the download shows Radeon in big letters in the middle of a black screen with options for Express Install or Custom Install at the bottom.

I understand that if I select Custom Install, I will have the option to select clean install or not.

Fortnite reccommends to do custom install and just select drivers, but it seems to me I should select all the things listed.

Anyway, I appreciate your help. 

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