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Journeyman III

Invisible mouse pointer/cursor when working on computer

I am 100% sure this issue is because of AMD driver, i pruchased AMD RX 6700 XT 3 months ago and i am facing white or invisible mouse cursor when i am working on my pc like when i move mouse cursor in word or in chrome dilouge box the mouse curosr dissaper and it is very fustrating during work, hope amd know that their users are not only using gpu for gaming they also use it for working purpose

Trouble shooting i done to make sure it is bad drivers that causing the issue

i have core i5-11400 so when i am working without installing graphics card the system works fine i don't face any invisble mouse cursor + when i install graphics card and install amd gpu drivers i got the issue+ i tried couple of drivers but no luck and somewhere on amd community i saw that 22.5.1 driver is fine and i installed this driver and everything is working fine now, i am regretting to choose AMD gpu instead i choose 3070 little bit expensive and less vram but very stable, i used gtx 1060 for 5 years i a had never face any issue, so i hope amd will solve this issue in next driver update, till then i am stuck with 8 month old drivers, can't play latest games 

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