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Journeyman III

I have a rx 5700 and when installing driver my computer freezes

I am trying to install a rx5700 in my computer that has a 2700x proccessor and 16 gig of ram. Every time I use the driver installer it freezes while trying to detect my system. I have put the comp into safe mode used DDU to remove the drivers and installed the new ones several times. Each time the system freezes... 

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Journeyman III

Re: I have a rx 5700 and when installing driver my computer freezes

Hi, Robert.

I am using a RX480 and i have the same issue.

whenever i run the AMD Software suit it freezes and then reboots my PC.

If you only need a driver installed, here are the options u may wanna try out:

Before u choose either of the following ways, make sure u clear up all the AMD stuff installed before. Then u can do either

1. Right-click This PC-->manage--->Device manager--->display adapters----> right click on your Graphics Card----->update driver---->Browse my computer for the driver--->choose the folder where u unzipped the driver to----> then Let the computer do the rest.


2. u can choose to let windows 10 find and install the driver for u.

Both ways worked for me.

Hope they will help.

Be informed that the above ways won't install the AMD control center and u will only have the driver installed if they works.

It seems the AMD Control Center can only be installed by running the AMD Software suit.

Adept I

Re: I have a rx 5700 and when installing driver my computer freezes

I have same issue, Ryzen 3700X, X570, RX5700XT Anniv., W10 1903.

However safemode, DDU, manual/automatic installation, not even drive format and clean w10 install works for me. Only thing that helped a little was switching RX5700XT for HD7950 and back, then it windows detect it, I could finally set a resolution, but now steam and uplay does not work (I get message: "C:\Windows\system32\detoured.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or..." And when Installing some programs like logitech software for G910, that causes freeze and restart too.