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Adept I

I finally fixed my 5600 XT crashes

I finally fixed my 5600 XT crashes. First my specs:



MSI B450 Tomahawk Max



Be quiet! Pure Power 11 600W CM



AMD Ryzen 5 3600


Graphics card:

Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 5600 XT 6G (299-4E411-002SA)



 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz C16





I run Windows 10 PRO 2004 version and 20.5.1 amd driver with adrenaline. I had all the different crashes depending on which combination of windows version/amd driver with and without adrenaline I would run at the moment.

The crashes could be random for some games like ANNO 1800, Gears Tactics or VALORANT, sometimes I could play for hours and other times it would crash after 5min. Some games would have no crashes at all. Some games would crash immediately before the game menu (AC:Odyssey), some would crash regulary after 30-60 sec playing

I tried all the troubleshooting tips like disabling hardware acceleration/windows game modus/link state power management/windows fast start/turning off all adrenaline features(setting it to standard) or setting the energy settings to high performance – installing various drivers with or without DDU, with amd cleanup utilities installing driver without installing adrenaline.

Turned off ULPS in windows registry, created registry entry for TDR Delay and set it to 8 - tried another HDMI cable/another monitor - tried undervolting in adrenaline or set the power limit to -10% in adrenaline (bear in mind this was my first time doing this, so I dont know alot about it I just followed videos on youtube)

I updated amd chipset(, flashed the motherboard bios to 7C02v372(Beta version) set PCI-Express to 3.0, finally I did a graphics card bios update - I saw that my card (299-4E411-002SA) was one of those that could use a bios update per sapphire website. Maybe I tried even more but dont remember

Nothing worked - I had atikmpag.sys errors with 20.4.2 driver and maybe earlier drivers(dont remember exactly), with 20.5.1 I had amdkmdag.sys errors, the cursor/game would just freeze audio would be playing until the audio would crash too and then I would just have a black screen and then the pc would reboot or black(one time I had a green)screen and I had to hard reboot or bsod, sometimes the screen would just show static for a few moments and then crash - other times it would just kick me to the desktop, the game still running but I couldnt get back in

 I also saw in event viewer sometimes the report would say oem2/3/9 or whatever.inf( when it wasnt atikmpag/amdkmdag) crashed or couldnt start or radeonsoftware crashed -


What finally worked for me was in adrenaline GPU tuning the frequency to 800/1200/1600 and the voltage to 800/800/880 (maybe there is some kind of sweet spot, where I dont gimp myself too hard and the games still work? havent tested yet) - I am not really knowledgeable with this kinda stuff but my understanding is I underclocked/undervolted the graphics card? or does it mean my psu isnt good enough? Well so I gimped my graphics card so I can have play my games and have some kind of stability. The games that would crash immediately or soon after playing work now flawlessly(at least for the time being)

I get 60 fps in AC:Odyssey on highest settings(1080p) so for the moment it works for me... but what about when more graphics intensive games come out in the future or my method doesnt work for another game? I would like my graphics card to work normally and provide the performance I know it has and not have a powered down graphics card just so it works.

I really hope amd can release a working driver/adrenaline soon, so I can revert my graphics card to normal... - well at least it works for now, hopefully it works for others too who still have problems with the card.

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Adept II

you got lucky and got ahead of the issue before it got bad. I am unable to even boot to windows with Radeon software installed. I wish I saw this when I still was able to use the Radeon software. 


I think that a B550 board would be more successful with your R5 3600 processor

Adept II

Is it still working well? I'd gladly try this in order to have Adrenalin working right now lol


My pc runs like 10 hours a day and I have like 1 crash in 1.5 weeks out side of a game. Ingame I cant really comment that well, because I didnt have much time to game because of university.

I shall give this a try then! Thanks

My Man! This actually worked! I played all day without any BSOD.

It seems like the problem with the drivers is the card's clocks! Wish AMD could see this so they know what's wrong.

But how about Valorant? Did you stop the random crashes on that game? I have same problem and same gpu :/

Adept I

Just a quick update: with the new 20.7.1 update I couldnt start AC:Odyssey(with and without underclocking/undervolting) so I reverted back to 20.5.1

Adept I

Hey bro! I know it's been a while since you posted this, but I have the same crashes that you discribed and the same gpu (rx 5600 xt Msi gaming X) I mainly play Valorant and I have random crashes, it could be after two minutes I start to play or after two days, but it's very annoying, I'm trying to put frequency and voltage on the numbers that you said, but I want to know if this worked for you on Valorant and if you stopped the crashes on that game and in the others, please answer bro I'm so exhausted of this problems, Amd should do something after these months, a lot of people is having these troubles and they do nothing


Sorry I dont play Valorant anymore, but atm I'm relatively crash free. I'm on 20.9.2 and frequency and voltage is 800/1237/1674 and 800/800/950. I think having the voltage on default and downclocking the frequency is best for stability but I dont know. What are the default setting for you?


Bro, Yesterday I put the frequency on 800/1200/1600 and voltage on 800/800/880 just like you said in the original post, and I haven't crashed so far playing Valorant, it's just one day but for me it feels like a lot, if I get crash again, I would try to put voltage on default, anyway, I don't know why but I feel like what you said in the original post it's working now, my default's settings are 800 1290 1780 on frequency and 800 800 977 on voltage, but that setting crashed a lot on Valorant, I will report if I have crashes or not in the next days, thanks for taking the time to answer btw.

PD: If this is working and we underclocked our gpu so we finally can play without crashing, idk, it feelks like amd did something bad and they are not taking the time to fix it. We should be able to use our gpu at the max settings and default clocks.


20.10.1 recently surfaced

Journeyman III

How do that? Any tutorial. I´m noob and I dont know. 

Same here with a rx 5600 xt d3, at the very beginning (yesterday) with this solution i played all day RUST, then at 00:54 start crashing again, i tryied the same but not worked anymore, now i reading the comments and trying the other freqs. I'll come back if i find a solution. AMD PLEASE ITS 2021 FIX THIS!!!


A quick update if someone is looking about this topic, I put frequency on 1730 mhz, default frequency is 1780 for my gpu and that brought me a lot of random crashes, that's the only change I did, I'm using voltage on default. Also you should know that my gpu is msi gaming X rx 5600 xt, if anyone is having crashes with an rx 5600 xt you should try different frequencies and find the best for your gpu model, for me everything is working perfect at the moment and no crashes at all, so I think the problem is fixed, also I don't see any fps dicrease at the moment so I'm kind of happy

Happy it works for you I think AMD just overclocked all 5600 and 5700 cards to compete with nvidias cards even if it is bad for stability for some cards

Yes, it seems that, also I don't know why but I'm playing Star wars fallen order and I'm getting like 5-7fps more than when I was in 1780 mhz (now I'm 1730) idk why but all feels more stable and smooth than before


which software do you use to change the frequency? from the built in adrenaline software?


Yes bro, just from adrenaline software, it's pretty easy to use, tell me if you need any help.

in the following video the person teaches how to overclock but it's the same to underclock so... here is

Adept I

Glad to hear, By the way what's the gaming performance now ? and how much temperature you're gaining ?.


Hi, honestly I'm just playing Valorant and Fallen order nowadays, in Valorant I'm getting like 200-340 fps, and in Fallen order could be in the range 60-120, but mostly 80-100 fps. So I don't see any changes about the performance after the underclock by 50 mhz, it feels even better than before but idk how to explain it 

About temperature I'm not getting anything above 60°.

Journeyman III

Reviving this thread because this is the best advice I've found so far for my situation. I own an MSI 5600XT GAMING X with the default clock at 1745mhz, I first tried underclocking to 1730mhz like someone suggested and that at least significantly delayed crashes on Overwatch, further underclocked to 1720mhz and I haven't crashed since. I'll keep testing to find a good sweet spot and update this thread w/ results, but thanks so much for posting this! One other piece of advice is DO NOT use the piece of **bleep** that is MSI Dragon Center, that **bleep** made me crash on startup even in Overwatch.

Specs for anyone curious:

Ryzen 5 3600

G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4-3600 CL16 2x8GB

ASRock B550M Steel Legend

Addlink S70 1TB m.2 nvme SSD

psu - corsair cx550m case - fractal design mini C

windows 10 pro v 2004? or whatever the most recent patch is as of 11/30/2020


Hey guys, I've got a 5600 xt gygabite and i randomly get crashes, i've tried to manually set the fan speed, and that worked for a while, but this week i installed mafia and it crashed with less than an hour, also borderlands 3 was crashing after a couple of hours.

At the beginning, i was having lots of trouble, but the fan speed fixed it, since i'm having this again, i updated to the latest driver and will underclock it to see what happens.


If anyone figures something out, please share!

Journeyman III

Nope, my rx 5600 xt keeps crashing with every game, honestly it's so frustrating, i've tried every single solution i found on internet, this solution worked for me but just a few hours, then the gpu crashed again and again, and if i try the same, it's just don't work anymore the fix, i live in Argentina bro, everything is expensive, I literally stop eating just for buying this graphic card in december 2020 and now in january 2021 i barely could afford the food with my credit card, but i was happy... I was happy, I thought that for the first time in my life I had beaten taxes (the tax that came in January 2021 of 15% on electronic devices in Argentina, already having two taxes that affects my purchases, one of 30 % and another 35%, then it would be 80%) if i buy something that in USA cost 1000 dolars, well in where i am, i have to pay 1800 dolars, I feel so depressed and frustrated, I dreamed all my life of being able to buy a gamer computer, i'm from Venezuela, i am Venezuelan, i came here (Argentina) lookinf for a better life, trying to save money to move to Canada, a few weeks ago I achieved my dream of having a gamer pc and it turns out that I can not play absolutely NOTHING, ANYTHING, 0, ZERO, NADA without my pc rebooting, I spent on this video card about 441 dollars, and bought it at a discount, MORE I will NEVER buy an amd GPU again.  

Feel your pain man, so frustrating also will not buy an amd gpu again because of this, nothing but problems


I have had the same the issues since I bought the card in april and it has been driving me insane! Honestly I was so mad at MSI and AMD for wasting my near $500CDN on something that crashed when playing a 10 y/o game (CS:GO). 



Corsair CX650M PSU


Ryzen 5 3600X

32GB Corsair LPX 3600MHz

Corsair MP600 1TB Gen4 NVME

MSI Radeon 5600 XT MECH OC

Running Windows 10.

I ran the latest Adrenalin leaving all setting to automatic except the fan tuning, I just cranked those babies up to full blast because I thought the card was overheating

Constant random crashes, sometimes VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE sometimes just black screens with audio for a few seconds, then reset with Radeon Wattman freaking out.  CS GO, Valorant, Far Cry, GTA V would crash a lot. Sometimes I could play for hours, other times it would crash in 15 minutes.  Sometimes it would crash watching youtube videos on two screens in 1080P. 

Finally stumbled on your post a few days ago and thus far it's working perfectly! No crashes and the fans are much quieter on my machine too.  There's a bit of an FPS dip but all the games I play are at least 100FPS still anyway with FreeSync so it's all good.

I looked into the specs for my card and it says the max clock speed is 1620MHz, but the default wattman had it clocked up to 1760MHz or higher! The default overclock was crashing the card, which is insane to me - I'm fairly computer savvy and this took me 8 months to find and fix because I didn't want to mess with the OC settings I just wanted it to work!  I'll report back in a week or so to see if it's still working.



It's been better and more stable but I am so heartbroken and angry at AMD to say it's crashed again - in a 15 year old game (CS:GO).

THEN because Wattman thinks it's so smart it reset my profile, which I obviously didn't change to the "factory settings" that are not factory default  before rushing to my match, then it  crashed AGAIN because it was over clocked.  I'm so fed up with this, my old **bleep**ty HD5750 didn't crash, it only got around 60 fps but it worked. 


Journeyman III

Hello Everyone,

I'm here to just say it's 02/04/2021 I have installed latest driver for 5600 XT and there are still crashes. Once or twice a day in different games. Reinstalling Windows, drivers with or without Adrenalin and nothing... still crashes. Black screen and error that just saying: "Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered." Probably I will try this underclocking advice but it's really unfair that we have to waste so much time and dig so deep to get through this. I'm so tired about this. I swear if this will not be resolved soon then this was the last thing I've bought from them. AMD Please do something or make some statement about 5600 XT!

yeah definitely try the underclocking technique - while I've still had one crash since implementing the fix, it's much better than it was, by a lot.

Journeyman III

Any AMD Employee here?

I already tried most of the troubleshooting you have done. 

disabling hardware acceleration/windows applications (chrome, explorer, discord) Dual 6 pins instead of 1 daisy chain 6 pin. Turning off all adrenaline features(setting it to standard) DDU and install different drivers (recomended and optional) AMD Cleanup Utility install drivers only and no Radeon software, disable fast start up and sleep setting the energy settings to high performance

it seems stable. I use heaven benchmark and open witcher 3 the whole night it does not crash. but when I play Dota 2 it restarts or hangs(depending on the driver) randomly and when I mine using nice hash it would crash randomly in 1 to 2 hours

should I RMA my card? no overclocks or undervolt happening. all stock

Aourus b450m
R5 2600
Tforce delta 3200MHz
BeQuiet 600W
MSI Gaminx X 5600xt
250Gb ssd and 2 tb HDD


I RMA my card ( MSI Gaming X 5600xt) after a year of troubleshooting expecting its a driver issue due to its random shutdown basing it to forums I saw. The RMA of my processor also makes the RMA of my gpu took that long. What a lucky guy I am.

Due to GPU shortage, the shop and supplier wants to credit my card for less than 20 percent from the price I purchased it in 2020. Knowing that the price of gpu today is doubled.

Or should I wait 2 more months for them to repair my card or wait for a replacement.
6600xt is coming. But far from the price of 5600xt and I expect price increase of this card.

Hoping to replace it fast or replace it with the new 6600xt *wink
Journeyman III

hey bro what up, i have the same problem. i play WARZONE and FORNITE, and get me green screen, can u help me? soy mexa bro xD pero se enojan. mi grafica es una Dual-RX.5700-O8G-EVO. 

Journeyman III

2023. Tried all this solutions and none worked.