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Adept I

How to install AMD Radeon Software on Linux

I started to use Ubuntu based Zorin OS 16 and i need to download AMD Radeon Softare to my computer

How this happen? I never downloaded Radeon Software on Linux

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Check with AMD Customer Support and do a live chat walk through.

They should be able to remote access in (only if you allow them to) to show you how to install for Linux.

Or check YouTube for a DIY video on how to install the specific drivers/software you need from

I can't stress this enough only download AMD software from

Good luck.

I bet you would find the YouTube method easier and you can pause the video and backtrack if you miss something.

There are a lot of Linux users in this community (I'm not one). Have a little patience and I know a more knowledgeable member will reach out to you.   

Be ready to troubles.

Adept I

Your default graphics drivers are compatible with AMD graphics cards with any ubuntu install. Unless you're having issues running a certain game or something, it's far easier to simply use the onboard drivers. With that said, I'm not familiar with Zorin specifically. However if it is based on Ubuntu LTS and Debian, most of the information for the Ubuntu LTS should translate directly to Zorin. The latest Ubuntu LTS version is 20.04

As far as the installation of AMD proprietary graphics drivers, they're available with guides on the AMD site. I've run into a load of issues with these though and you really need to be conscientious of the requirements for your setup.. kernel version, hardware, software you'll run.

Good luck with everything. I've had few successes with this process and many failures with proprietary drivers.. but at least you don't have to deal with nvidia drivers for linux *barf.

Dealaing with nvidia drivers were easily for years.
Dealing with amd drivers were a bad experience since first try.