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Adept I

How to change and KEEP my monitor custom colors?

It's frustating. I bought I new monitor and had some color changes customizations. But I needed a little more changes in Radeon Software to match colors with my other monitor. That's ok, I change at "Options -> Display -> Display #" Enabled custom color and made my changes, everything wen't fine.

But to play some games, besides the monitor custom colors I also changed colors inside the GAME config at "Gaming -> Game Name -> Display #" Enabled custom color and made my changes, everything wen't fine again.

But the problem is... when I launch my game, Radeon software applies new colors changes, ok! But when I LEAVE the game, all the custom GAME COLORS are TRANSFERED to "Global Display" and I have to MANUALLY adjust it again, it's EVERYTIME and it's a PitA!!!! Is there a way to prevent is?

Even if Radeon Software is bugged enough and there's no way of preventing this annoying behavior, is there a .reg file or something I can apply everytime at least?

My Specs:

ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus
AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Sapphire Pulse RX 5700 XT
AOC Hero 27G2/BK connected @ Display Port (Display 2)
BenQ RL2450HT connected @ HDMI Port (Display 3)
Old 17'' LD Monitor connected @ Display Port wit VGA Adapter (Display 1)

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Adept I

Nothing? How's that possible?


It will be nice to know your computer specs including Make & Models (GPU,CPU,Motherboard, PSU,etc) and Windows & AMD driver versions installed plus how many monitors you have connected and how they are connected.

Second why do you need to make so many custom color changes all the time. Normally when you make a Custom color change it is used all the time without having to change it in any apps.

Most new Monitors come with a Desktop app to be able to make Custom Color changes to the Monitor. Your Monitors doesn't have a Desktop App to apply settings to your Monitors?

But to clarify your question, you are saying that everything works fine as far as setting your Global Custom Colors in Radeon Settings and your Monitors. That they stay the same while using your computer for everything else except Gaming. Correct?

But when you start playing a game, you then make changes in Color for the game in Radeon settings (Game) on one of your multiple Monitors that you have connected. But once you finished playing the game and you close it out, the Custom Colors that you made for the game becomes the "Default' Custom Color in Global Radeon Settings. Replacing the Global Custom Color you made before playing the game. Thus you need to go back into Global Radeon Settings to put your original Custom Colors that way you had them before playing a game.

Someone else will need to help you with this. I am just trying to make it clear what your question is.

Try opening a AMD Service Request (Official AMD SUPPORT) and see what they suggest if no one can come up with an answer from here:


Hi there! Thanks for your reply.  Edited original post to include my specs.
The monitors are recognized as in parentheses maybe due the port they're connected, so my "default" monitor is "Display 2", the AOC.

About the color changes... I'm a graphic designer and I'm trying to fit colors from my old BenQ monitor to my new AOC IPS one. But can't reach the same colors only adjusting monitors options, that's why I had to appeal to VGA's configs. I'm using the monitor software aswell and it does the same color changing. When I open the game I'm playing it changes it's profile to get more brightness, contrast and saturation (it's better for "competitive gaming"). Leaving the game I simple change back to default profile at monitor' software to work (I need more colors, less brightness and contrast for example.

I know it's a bit confusing but it works (or should work).

The problem I'm facing is:
I have two setups:
1. On global settings I have some custom colors in my AOC (Display #2) monitor for WORKING.
2. On CoDMW (game) I have some custom colors in my AOC (Display #2) monitor for GAMING.

So, it should apply custom game colors when it's EXE file is opened, and it does. And it should UNDO the colors changes from game as soon as it's EXE closes, and SOMETIMES it does. But eventually the Radeon software simple doesn't change back the colors and when I go check, the SAME values applied to game only is applied to global settings too. So, the software COPIED the game setting to global setting by "its own".

Confusing? Maybe... LOL

Does the same thing occur with just your "Default" monitor connected and the other 2 monitors disconnected?

Trying to eliminate the other 2 Monitors causing the issue.


Actually I haven't tested yet... the 2 other monitors are being used to work, but not that import when gaming. But do you think there's a link between those monitors? I mean, the custom color settings are exclusive with "Default" monitor... 


I don't know if there is a link or not. But all you need to do is disconnect the cables to the other monitors and see what happens.

If the same thing occurs then you can reconnect the monitors since you know they aren't the reason.

Most likely it is a AMD Driver issue. I just trying to eliminate the other monitors since they are being run by the same GPU and Driver.

What software are you using to connect multi-Monitors to your GPU? Windows, AMD Eyefinity, or some other Multi-Monitor software?

Journeyman III

Hey Man! I've been looking for the same answer.

I have custom colors for COD Warzone, but when I close the game the colors remain the same, even the general settings color have been changed for the Warzone ones.

Did you fix it?