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Journeyman III

I'm worrying about my GPU after played New World

Today i was playing New World  and suddenly my display turn black. I noticed the game crashed but the only problem was not the game, also my desktop turned to black. After 10 sec it fixed. Than i continued to hang normally at my pc. After 10 min i noticed my GPU making more noise than usual it was very loud i turned off my pc. When i touched to my pc case it was very hot this has never happened to me before.

I've noticed that my computer is slowing down since I started the game but I didn't think it was due to my GPU and I'm still not sure if it because of my GPU but im worried . How do I know if there is a problem with my GPU? And has this happened to you?


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I mean have you googled this at all.. there was a ton of stuff about issues with the game on youtube etc etc