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Journeyman III

HDMI audio not detected


I have recently build a new computer (i9 9900k, 64GB RAM ECC, RX6600, C246 Chipset Motherboard, 2TB NVMe) with the intention of making this more or less a game console and HTPC. After a fresh install of windows 11 I was unfortunately confronted with the issue that HDMI audio was not detected. I really value audio over HDMI, because my motherboard only has stereo output & optical. I'd prefer to use the speakers in my TV.

After spending the entire day trying to fix this issue I have tried the following things:

  1. A clean install of Windows 11 & run all updates
  2. Update the GPU drivers (Adrenalin 23.3.2 (WHQL Recommended))
  3. Run AMD Clean Up utility (according to the following manual: and proceed to use the auto-detect drivers.
  4. Try to disable audio settings in BIOS, but couldnt find them (I use a server board and the consumer features are thus very limited).
  5. Uninstall ALL default installed audio drivers through device manager & reboot and hope Windows now automatically installs the AMD drivers as well
  6. Run Solutioon 1,2 & 3 from this tutorial:

Unfortunately none opf these have worked. Throughout this process the AMD High resolution Audio device has only popped up ONCE in device manager, but this was removed by one of the procedures (I believe a Windows update, but I am not certain). The GPU is also not considered as audio output. There was a brief moment (when the high resolution audio device popped up in device manager), where it was considered as an output device, but I couldn't allow output through that device.

Right now I am sort of clueless and would appreciate it if someone could look into the issue with me.

Kind regards,



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