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Adept I

Had to roll back my Drivers back again!! :(

Gave 24.1.1 a chance but still had to rollback my driver again!  I am back to Drivers from 23.8.2 (6 months ago).  24.1.1 finally fixed the issue with the overlay not coming up, the last two previous versions of Adrenalin Software, every other day it would just stop working and had to uninstall/reinstall to get the software to come back up. I did like 24.1.1 because I did see an improvement with a +15 FPS but now it caused more problems! it is causing hard crashes in one game mode and wont load others.  1) I would get a hard driver lockup (I would have to turn off the PC, couldn't even open task manager or send a bug report) during Modern Warefare 3 Zombies exiting a vehicle would cause a hard crash!  2) My Ren'Py .zip file games would not load at all, the program would build a window but then crash.

PC Specs:

CPU: 7950X    GPU: XFX 590   PSU 750 watt    OS: Windows 11 64 bit Home edit.

AMD can you please beta test!  I have had the last three versions of Adrenalin that are not worth a crap, really thing of going to GeForce on my next GPU purchase because you have been able to get the software right for 6 months now.


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