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Journeyman III

green screen crash

Occasional but can be very frequently, crashes only within the first few hours of booting my PC will I get a solid colour crash usually green or grey sort of colour. The audio stays and I can talk to my friends and hear the game for a few more seconds before the sound starts looping and then the screen turns off and the lights on the keyboard and mouse turn off, but the fans and lights in the pc still spin. Also before the audio starts looping I can unlock and relock the caps lock button and numlock. Before this my PC would crash constantly while playing games and could crash about 5 times in a 30 minute game. But i removed the latest RAM stick I added to my PC and then it stopped for about a week, but before I removed my latest RAM stick I was getting BSODs as well such as paged_fault_in_non_paged_area and system_exception and since removing it I have not had anymore BSODs and I believe that it was faulty but the green screen/colour crash still persists. 

PC Build:

Ryzen 5 2600



2x8 Corsair vengeance 2666 mhz ram (1 stick being broken so only 8GB)

Corsair TX550M PSU



Kingston 1x480GB 1x240GB

I get some event viewer errors which are kernal-power event ID 41 Task category 63 critical when it crashed but whenever I boot up my PC it says that Ryzen Master has failed even though I uninstalled it as I thought it was messing with my CPU causing the crashes. I have tried uninstalling windows (Not for a while, shortly after that it stopped crashing) reinstall drivers, remove the RAM stick and test the RAM sticks and it came up as no faults. My RAM speed is 2666 mhz but in the BIOS is reads it on auto as 2133 mhz. I don't think it is hardware at fault as the computer does not beep when booting so if there is a fault the computer doesn't seem to be aware of it.

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Re: green screen crash

I know this is quite old but did you ever figure it out? I'm having the exact same problem with my gigabyte rx570, I already upgraded but with how rare GPU's are nowadays I would like to repair and give it to a friend. 

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