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Graphical glitches in Chrome. (sometimes during video playback and on normal websites)

GPU:   AMD Vega 56 (Stock without any changes to it clock or voltage, and the GPU is also new)

CPU:   AMD R7 1700

OS:     Win 10 Pro Build 1803

Driver Version Installed : 2018.1010.1801.32425   (18.10.1)

Display Device :     Acer G206HQL

                               ViewSonic VX2363

Motherboard: Gigagabyte AB350 Gaming 3 F.23

Power Supply: 650Watt Seasonic S12II



Chrome has some graphical glitches this happens sporadically (atleast I couldn't pinpoint it to a specific situation/cause). I added a picture below.

There is also a glitch in the video playback which happens only sometimes on Videos that are running in Chrome, this happens most of the time for a short period of time when the window is minimized/maximized, this is a serperate issue as the first mentioned since this only affects video playback in Chrome, while the first one glitches a small span of the window.

During all of this nothing was running in the background except Chrome. (VSR, GPU Scaling etc. are off)

It seems like I'm not the only one who experienced this and is a bit more common

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Just refresh the page (Chrome), or restart the app.

Disable Hardware Acceleration.


Well that's not a really solution for this problem. It's a driver problem and a workaround is not a real fix.

Isn't it annoying that you buy a GPU for some hundred $ and it glitches on tasks like this? Oh and refreshing doesn't remove this problem it's only a temporarily fix which just hides the problem?


The "issue" and the fix is not a new one. There is a reason every browser has the option to disable hardware acceleration. You don't need graphics acceleration for 2D applications.


That is still not an acceptable solution. This works fine under Intel iGPUs for example. And 2D acceleration is also one of that tasks of the GPU, why shouldn't I use it for what it's also intended?


These browser glithches have been back and forth for about a year now. Nothing new. As Microsoft keeps changing their standards the browser guys and graphics driver guys are playing catch up. So it seems every few months someone is having issues with one of the major browsers. As kingfish​ correctly mentioned this is why they build the ability into the browser to turn off hardware acceleration as a workaround. Chrome just had a major change to it's graphical subsystem so not saying it isn't an AMD issue at this point but, this issue can also be in the MS or Google camp as well. So when I run into these issues I report to all parties to hopefully speed along the issue getting resolved. Not saying you did or didn't do this already, I don't know. It does however bring up the next point. All anyone here can do is offer workarounds for the problem as that is all we have to offer. We are users just like you, none of us are on the driver team, and I have never seen anyone from the driver team in these forums, ever. This is clearly stated in the information links in the forum headers. So I get your frustration but we can only do what we can. AMD only gives you a few ways to report issues. They have links on the driver download page, on the contact page and in RADEON SETTINGS.

Good Luck!


Well if it isn't an AMD issue why don't I experience the same issues on hardware that doesn't have a newer AMD GPU?

Well my old ATI 5650HD also doesn't experience this issue.

I reported the issue already, it seems like you all don't really get the point that this atleast in my experience only happens on my AMD GPU Devices. I don't get any error whatsoever on an Notebook that has an Intel iGPU.

Firefox or Edge don't have the same problem even though they also use (probably differently) hardware acceleration. I don't get the point bringing up disabling Hardware Acceleration since it is needed in some cases also I don't want to offload unnecassary work onto my CPU.

Oh and not to mention every Electron program (Discord, Atom) also experience the same issue since they use chromium as the base.

Disabling Hardware Acceleration is an ugly workaround not a real fix of the real issue.

This probably just shows that AMD's drivers aren't good. I mean on the AMD subreddit even some people with the APUs experience/see this on regular basis, which isn't really pleasent to see even though you can refresh the page to remove it.


I offered you help, take it or leave it.

I am not an AMD employee and all here are users just like you. We offered you a work around, and that is all we can do. I acknowledged it may be the AMD driver. Your response like I just blamed it on another is not correct, but it is a fact that standards have been changing very quickly this past couple years. I mentioned the browser issues go back about a year so your rebuttal of why was it doing it on this card a year ago. Your not educating me, or the others that tried to help with anything new on the situation here.

It seems to me that your are the one missing the point, we are offering you the only help we can. We have no more an avenue to express or fix your issue with AMD than you do.

I don't doubt that you are having issues when you didn't before. I don't doubt that it may be an AMD issue. I do know for a fact that I can't fix it and neither can anyone else here.

So hopefully since you say you already reported it to AMD they will fix the driver.  On the outside chance they give advice on how to fix it as is, and it does fix things. Please share that fix with the community and we may have something else to offer the next person as a workaround that is a better solution,  than disabling hardware acceleration.

Oh and just read your response to Kingfish. Nvidia and AMD have not had 2D acceleration in their products in many, many years now. So no, 2d acceleration calls are passed along to the graphics subsystem by the driver and handled on the CPU not on the GPU. This has been the case with every Windows OS after Windows XP.

uh that's where you are wrong though. The Limits Of 2D: One Space With Many Windows - 2D, Acceleration, And Windows: Aren't All Graphics C... well after Win XP, Win 7 offered a way for 2d acceleration, which doesn't pass the calls to the CPU but let's the GPU handle them and that continued.

Direct2D - Wikipedia  Edge for example uses that.


Yes but not in the way you are thinking, as is often the case Wikipedia is not giving you the full story. The cards have NO 2D acceleration, they are processed on cpu, translated  to 3D calls by Direct 2D and then sent to the GPU. So yah all that processing happens on the CPU before anything is sent to the GPU. That being said some calls can go directly to the GPU through Direct 2D such as cleartype, font rendering. So no I am not wrong, in what I said as it pertains to your situation.