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Journeyman III

GPU update crashing

So i had recently just bought the new call of duty. when playing my game will crash randomly and come up with 2 error codes (see attached). i updated teh driver a few days ago and it seemed to be fine. now the drivers themself seem to be crashing before i can even open the game.20231114_001042.jpg20231114_001038.jpg

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Adept I

For those that experience frequent crashing with AMD GPU's during gaming try the following.

1. Set the PCIE version in your BIOS from AUTO to what the GPU supports, if it still crashes;
2. Manually set the GPU clock frequency in Adrenaline. Set whatever Hz your card's un-boosted default is (2650Hz for 7900XTX), or experiment manually in Adrenaline what the upper/boost Hz limit is ).

Adept III

Here are some possible Causes and Solutions

Inconsistent or Corrupted Driver Installation:

  1. The recent driver update might have been incomplete or corrupted, leading to instability.
  2. Try uninstalling the current driver using DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) and then reinstalling the latest driver from the manufacturer's website.

Overclocking Issues:

  1. If you've overclocked your GPU, it may be causing instability, especially with demanding games like Call of Duty.
  2. Try resetting your GPU to its default settings and see if the crashes persist.

Power Supply Issues:

  1. If your power supply unit (PSU) is not providing enough power to your GPU, it can cause crashes, especially during intensive gaming sessions.
  2. Ensure your PSU meets the minimum power requirements for your GPU and the system as a whole.

Temperature Issues:

  1. Overheating can also lead to GPU crashes.
  2. Check your GPU's temperature using monitoring software like MSI Afterburner or GPU-Z.
  3. If the temperatures are consistently high, consider improving your case airflow or upgrading the cooling setup.

Software Conflicts:

  1. Certain software applications, particularly third-party overlays or game launchers, can interfere with GPU drivers.
  2. Try disabling or uninstalling any such software and see if the crashes stop.

Game Issues:

  1. In some cases, the game itself might be causing the crashes.
  2. Check for any known issues or compatibility problems with Call of Duty and apply any available updates or patches.

Additional Tips

  • Update DirectX
  • Ensure you have the latest version of DirectX installed, as it's essential for graphics rendering and can sometimes cause compatibility issues.
  • Verify System Integrity
  • Run the System File Checker (SFC) tool to scan for and repair any corrupted Windows system files that might be affecting GPU performance.
  • Monitor System Resources
  • Use a resource monitoring tool to check CPU, RAM, and disk usage while gaming.
  • If any of these components are maxed out, it could contribute to GPU crashes.

If the crashes persist after trying these troubleshooting steps, consider seeking further assistance from the game developer's support forums or contacting your GPU manufacturer's technical support. They might have more specific troubleshooting steps or identify known issues with the particular GPU model.


it would be helpful if you listed your full system specs.

There have some good tips already posted

I've experienced driver timeouts on 2 different AMD GPU's ...

The first one was on my wife's old setup with an RX 550 GB running in an all AM4 setup. I was running a garbage Thermaltake Smart series RGB 500wtt 80 Plus (White rated) PSU. I replaced the power supply with a Segotep 600wtt 80+ Gold PSU and no more GPU issues

The second one was just recently on my AM5 setup with a 7900XT. That one was caused by me. I was causing system instability issues from overtweaking my RAM which ultimately over stressed my 7950x's IMC. Once I dialed back my RAM tweaks a bit, no more driver timeouts

ThreeDee PC specs
Adept II

love that everyone find every possible reason but not the most likely to cause the issue : **bleep** AMD DRIVERS.

I too have system shutdown in some games. It's not my PSU, it's not my RAM, it's not my ass... it's the drivers. prior to the last 2 updates I had no issues.

Well, I don't think I will ever buy an AMD gpu ever again. These guys are complete amateurs. They had drivers issues since 5700XT. Not sure what was in my mind to not go nvidia and rather buy thr 6900XT but not going to repeat this mistake again.


Sorry you are having issues with  your setup. I've had great success with my all AMD setups over the years. 

2200g x2


RX 550 2GB

RX 570 8GB

RX 580 4GB

5700XT x2


RX 6800

Ryzen 5 7600 iGPU


.. all have been great cards. Still running a 5700xt in my wife's setup, 6800 in my daughters, and I have the 7900xt .. that RX 550 2GB card is running still in an AM4 setup I built for an older lady friend of mine .. 6700XT is still running great in an AM4 setup I built for a friend I used to work with .. the 7600 iGPU is running great in my mother's AM5 setup

The RX580 4GB was a mining card way back when that I picked up for $55 shipped before the GPU scalping got ridiculous .. it was a great card in my daughter's old setup for years

ThreeDee PC specs