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GPU 100% and high temperature on low games

I am having problem with my GPU R5 M330. In AMD POWERPLAY on HIGH PERFORMANE the GPU Usage goes 100% and 90C+ temperature until shutdown even on low demanding games. but on BATTERY SAVING MODE the the temperature is between 65-75C but very laggy.  Help Me with this Issue. This Occurs in all games.

I have tried to in MSI to lower the core clock and memory but it still is going 100% usage. 

Is there any middle option or something i can do? 

Below are pictures from 800-400 MHz and same temperature.


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Try to display the FPS.

It is my belief that it is more likely a setting within the game that is causing you to render tons of frames that might be uneccessary. 




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Limit your framerate (FPS) to 60* or enable VSync** and see how it goes.

* - I recommend using RTSS (rivatuner statistics server) for this; NEVER trust in-driver settings.

** - your in-driver setting should allow vertical synchronization; it does by default, but if you use adaptive sync you'll need to temporarily turn it off for the test. 

Dаmn I wish there was something as intuitively simple for AMD as there is nVidia Inspector for nVidia. RadeonMod is just a mess you have to be a 20+ years of experience world-class pro overclocker or something to understand. 


I did and the fps are not looking goodI did and the fps are not looking goodEven on this old Age of mythology..Even on this old Age of mythology..

On this old game of Age of Mythology on high performance  I am getting high temp and usage 99% on the main screen.


Well it seems like you have AMD problems, aka improper driver optimization. Otherwise there's no way a game this ancient would have such issues. 

To me it looks like a game optimization setting gone wrong.   I would be thinking Anti-aliasing.

However you say that it is in all games.   So that leads me to think that it is a game setting over-ridden by the driver.

I am not familiar with AMD cards, but I would check for the correct driver, and re-install it with default settings.


Could there be something in the background taking up GPU cycles?   With no game active, run Task manager and see what it reports for the activity of the GPU.

I will reinstall all the Video drivers and let you know how it goes. 


Just a thought,  Is your fan running?  

Anything blocking the vents?

Wondering if this is sort of a chicken or egg deal.

Does the System go 100% causing the Heat 


Does Heat build up,  causing Throttling in Processor and GPU, (Which would still show 100% usage, even though running at lower speed)

What is your experience when the system is first cool?

I Don't think there's anything blocking the vents because in game on battery saving its like 65-75 but as i  put it on high performance the temp jumps to 85-90 and up instantly. But still I will get the vents checked.