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Journeyman III

FPS Drop Issue - After Last Driver update (21.4.1)

Two  days ago (20/04/2021) my desktop  started showing flickering  while playing League of Legends , so  I looked for  new updates  of the  AMD  Software to  see if I could fix  the issue , after downloading the  new  driver  21.4.1 it just got worse  . Now the  fps  drop  is going  crazy  and  the flickering and stuttering  while in game won't stop specially after  I  Alt+Tab changing tasks . I went on the  Release  Notes and this is marked  as  a  Known  Issue but there isn't  nothing I  can do , can  somebody  help  me out with  something pleaase ! Thanks !

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Se my thread here about Microsoft Windows 10 latest update KB5001330 causes frame Rates to Plummet, screen flickering and BSODs.

Perhaps this is causing the problems that You are experiencing?
If that is the case: pause Windows update, uninstall KB5001330 and wait for Microsoft to come out with a new KBxxx to fix the problem.
Instructions how to do this is also in the link above.

Best regards from Sweden