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Journeyman III

Fix AMD Sata Controller

I have a ssd Samsung 860 Evo, correct your curves of the driver am sat controller, I have (C7) CRC errors in a smart on a 760G chipset.

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There are two things you should take in account:

1) C7 (UDMA CRC Error Count) is usually related to cable connection problems, you could start by replacing an aging or kinked sata cable, or try another SATA port.

2) I've used a DFI 790FX/SB750 based board for about 9 years, and it had the particularity of very sparsely causing C7 errors on all drives (good quality sata cables and every other hardware component were exchanged during that period, so it wasn't related to stability problems, it was really board related). The frequency was very low, something like 1 or 2 per year at most (depending on drive usage) on secondary hdds, and a bit more frequent on a system drive (like a SSD) with maybe 3-5 in a year. This didn't happen at all (after years of use) on drives connected to a external sata controller on a pcie slot in that system, and those same drives that were slowly showing C7 errors would cease doing it permanently after being connected the external marvell controller. My other 890GX/SB850 board never showed this issue.

If your 760G has a SB710 southbridge, it's possible that it shares the same problem as my SB750 did. Either a bug on the SB7xx family, or in the AHCI rom present on those BIOS (the last bios for my DFI mb was in late 09'). For my experience, using MS AHCI or amd sata drivers is also indifferent, and some of these C7s appeared after heavy hdd operations like cloning partitions by means of bootable drives outside Windows.

Given that these CRC issues are very rare, and are detected (meaning no data corruption will happen), I wouldn't bother much about them.

OTH if you have tons of them, it's another issue unrelated to "2)". Look into the physical connections and cables then.

I switched to IDE mode, and the errors stopped. If back to ACHI mode, then errors appear again, regardless of the cable. I used the second SATA cable that came with the motherboard and was never used, and there are still errors.


First of all, try another sata port in your MB configured in AHCI mode.

Then, please test with another sata cable if the second cable's construction is the same as the first. Budget boards, and even more expensive ones usually come with the cheapest possible they can get. Specially if those are thinner AWG 28 or 30 cables instead of the more standard AWG 26. It's not that those gauges aren't enough for SATA600 at medium distances, it could just mean that the whole cable might have been cheaply assembled.

If in IDE mode you're getting less errors, something isn't playing well on higher speeds, and that can still be related to physical connection/cabling. The SB710 should still go up to SATA300 in AHCI instead of being limited to ATA133 in IDE mode.

Journeyman III

I upgraded from a Samsung 120G 840 to a Samsung 500G 860 for my cache drive on my Unraid NAS.

Same cable, same port, everything, started getting CRC errors.  I shut down, disconnected, reconnected the drive, still the crc errors are accumulating.  After some searching and asking on Unraid forums this seems to be an issue with AMD controllers and some Samsung drives.

My motherboard has a 970 Chipset


Thanks, I also have an 860 Evo from Samsung and a 970 chipset and I'm up to ~3000 CRC errors. Seen a bunch of threads about this, probably never gonna be fixed but I guess it's not really that big of a problem as I still have good speeds and can't notice anything.