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Journeyman III

Everytime i have to Restart my computer to make AFMF work for that 1 single use!

I'm pretty much impressed by AFMF and its capabilities thanks to AMD I'm now getting around 200 fps in most of titles i play! My GPU is an rx6700 btw but my problem is all of a sudden AFMF started giving me problems after i upgraded to windows 23H2 like i can use it for only 1 single time after i restart my pc and then after i close that game i cannot use AFMF anymore until i restart my computer again. idk what's the problem i just clean installed the display drivers again but it's still giving me issues maybe is it Windows that's causing all the trouble ?

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Adept I

On one of the beta releases I had same experience with my RX 6800 XT. Since last couple I just found if I play enough it always stutters then crashes eventually which is a shame as it looked good when working.  I tried many different things and ensured a clean install but had no success so far. Had to revert to mainstream public driver each time as that works flawlessly. I even tried turning off  the auto start for copilot in win 11 but that made no difference.


Same! idk what's causing the issue on newer windows version I have tried everything but couldn't find a solution. hopefully they fix these issues in

Adept II

Is your cpu overclocked? Latest gpu drivers does not like when cpu is overclocked. It even makes my cpu pull more voltage at stock settings.