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Event Whea 19 Warning Errors w/ 1000's of interrupt message (Performance Dips)

So I went with AMD when the 5000's came out after preaching Intel to everyone I know, for my first AMD build I went all out about $3500 all out and during the Pandemic we all know what that means $$$$, but anyway I liked what I heard from AMD and trusted their expertise, in bringing to the table a product that could top the competition....but if we think about it? Are they really, or is it all smoke and mirrors? I purchased the 5900x a few months after the launch because of the Pandy it was a difficult task but I had finally got my hands one. As I had a pretty high performance Intel chip capable of handling any Mem Frequency I paired my Intel with ram for longevity, 4- G-Skill 4000/CL16 B-Die sticks. As I was preparing to get the 5900x I did my research and found that the 5900x was capable of 4000/C16, that sold me and I searched day and night for the 5900x and I had found one! Upon purchasing I had also searched for many MB's with a QVL that listed my RAM and had found one a MSI x570 Unify, a board that could handle everything the 5900x would throw at it. When it was all said and done, $3500 later. I had my first AMD build!!! I was so proud and had a new found love for AMD. Sadly to say after much research and waiting for a miracle...that 4000mhz ram I mentioned earlier would be the Knockout blow to my AMD pride. Amd has failed, and failed big time! My 5900x can not handle the speeds my ram is throwing at it and I get huge performance losses with 1000's of Whea 19 error/ Interconnect seems the 5900x IF is not a updated as the New 5000's series chips, it seems they are just 3000's series with a higher price tag and faulty IF incapable of 1:1:1 with anything above 3900mhz and I'm not talking about Overclocking I'm talking QVL Ram binned at 4000mhz to be compatible with my 1st AMD processor!!! Very disappointed and can only hope that AMD (Like INTEL) listens to their customers and provided a fix? I could always count on INTEL to put in the work, to fix the product that many pay over MSRP to get, I can only pray AMD does the same. But from the looks of it MAAANNNNYYYY have reached out, to only be let down!!

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