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Dual Monitor Issues - Only one monitor works at a time

First time posting here. I'm having an issue while trying to set up dual monitors for the first time on my gaming PC (RX 580 graphics card).

My Graphics card has only one HDMI slot, a DVI port, and 3 Displayport slots, so I have my main monitor plugged in through HDMI. My 2nd monitor though, being older, uses VGA, so I have that plugged in through a VGA to HDMI cord and a HDMI to Displayport adapter. I'm a bit strapped for cash so I haven't really been able to get the cords I need to simplify the 2nd monitor setup, but as I'll explain later I don't think the adapters are the problem.

When I turn my PC on with both monitors connected as explained above, my motherboard logo appears on my 2nd monitor and my main monitor stays black. As soon as Windows begins to load though, my 2nd monitor turns black and only my main monitor works as intended.

What's strange is that when I either boot Windows into safe mode or uninstall my graphics drivers via DDU, my 2nd monitor is the only display working from the time my computer boots to the time I turn it off, and my main display stays off.

During both scenarios, when I try to force Windows to detect any new displays through settings it always comes back with the message "Didn't detect another display".

I've tried switching around the spots of both monitors and using different cords and Displayports, the latter of which worked for about 5-20 seconds the first time I did it (which leads me to believe it may not be a hardware issue) but never again since then.


Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to help me out! If I wasn't thorough enough in my explanation or you have any questions I'd be more than happy to answer.

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AMD very bad with more than 1 monitor that we can see a lot of threads in here asking about dual monitor issues.

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