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Drivers 23.9.x hard crashing when using GPU tuning

Drivers 23.9.1 and later seems to have broken GPU tuning which I've used to undervolted my old RX 580 for years. Just opening the advanced controls and applying changes will shortly be followed by a hard crash even if frequency and voltage are left at their defaults. Loading my old undervolt profile worked and was stable but it didn't expand the advanced controls to show the frequency and voltage as it normally would. Also resetting to defaults left manual tuning open instead of closing and returning to automatic tuning.

Drivers 23.9.1, 23.9.2 and 23.9.3 all have the same problem even when uninstalling and using DDU each time.

Going back to 23.8.2 has returned things to normal.

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Journeyman III

I can confirm the same issue. Tuning on 23.9.x driver is bugged and it is causing massive crashes on my RX 570. I had to go back to 23.8.2 driver and everything works fine.

Journeyman III

Can confirm. This was the first time I delved into UV and OC of my RX 580 and the problem definitely persists with 23.11.1.

Adept I

Hey there. Same problem with brand new RX 7900 XT. First time AMD GPU customer, and not satisfied at all i can say. Bought the card for 1100e, just a month ago. Everything was fine, then suddenly 4 days now since i installed Adrenalin Preview Drivers v5, getting constantly "Driver Timeout", in almost every games. Tried 3 different drivers, same. Last day played Dying Light 2, was fine. Today, opened the game again, without touching absolutely nothing in Adrenalin, again Driver Timeout. Never had such problems with my old gpu (Nvidia).


Screenshot 2023-11-15 160350.pngScreenshot 2023-11-16 125620.png

Also, i noticed that at Event Viewer, there's thousands of errors, regarding gpu's PCIE slot.

Screenshot 2023-11-18 123835.png


Switching PCIE to Gen 3, errors stops. Back to Gen 4, again same non stop errors.

Does that "Hardware error" means card is defective and i should return it? 

Possible is just AMD drivers fault, and not gpu itself? Using gpu's default settings. Absolutely no overclock and such at all. No overheat either. GPU temps in game not even 60c. Not using PCIE Riser Cable too.

My specs are:

Windows 11 Pro x64 Latest Updates.

Intel 11900f.

32Gb DDR4.

Corsair RM850x Shift.

Gigabyte z590 Aorus Master Latest Bios Updates.

Could be the preview driver, have you tried the regular public release driver?

You might want to also ask on intel forum about that PCI error.


And this thread concerns the older polaris cards, they are on a different driver branch.


Ryzen 5 5600x, B550 aorus pro ac, Hyper 212 black, 2 x 16gb F4-3600c16dgtzn kit, NM790 2TB, Nitro+RX6900XT, RM850, Win.10 Pro., LC27G55T..

Sorry if posted in wrong thread. Yes, uninstalled/reinstalled 4 times so far, 4 different drivers, from latest, to even older version (23.8.2). Always Driver Timeout and game crashes. Disabled XMP just in case, same. Disabled HDR, same. Custom settings by under volting to 1050 (from default 1100) and max frequency in ranges from 2300 to 2450, same. I don't know what is going on. Everything was perfectly fine before installing Preview Drivers v5. Literally nothing else has changed in my system, expect AMD GPU drivers, since problems started. I give it a last try by switching back to Windows 10, and if the problem persists, i will return gpu back to vendor. Seriously not good news for a new Radeon customer. I knew about few driver problems, but not that much. No point to keep the card if such problems occurs all the time i guess.


Hey bro I just returned my 7900XTX a few days ago.

Also was a new AMD GPU customer and NEVER had this crash every game experience with NVIDIA so it was ridiculous that I spent $1350 CAD on it thinking it was basically a 4080/4090 (in certain games I play) for almost half the cost.

I say it's not worth dealing with not knowing if the newest driver will mess your computer up or not

Also reading that AMD GPU's also have issues with Windows

Stability and reliability is worth the premium $ for NVidia is what I've concluded.

Return that crap if you can

Journeyman III

Hello, nice to have info. I ll try it for my old 580. In few years of upgrading part by part, my pc, now i have 2 separates pc. Which one older is now totally the the same as were purchased. And all upgrade parts just made a new pc. Returning to issue, rx580 wasnt in use for over a year. Now it back to work in old pc config to my kido, and just yesterday i was hard time to to undervolt or changed any settings in adrenallin even vents and temps ajustment, leaving mhz an mv a side, was leading to pc crash. And was wonderind, what happened, that i cant change any settings in adrenalin, w/o leading to crash. Last time card used all was working flavesly, had thoughts even such one vga degrades when not using it, laying i cabinet.  I llgo for old drivers an ll see if that ll solve problem. 

Can confirm that rolling back to driver 23.8.2, for Rx580, solved the issue with undervolting and oc. Works fine no more crashes trying to do manual tuning.

Also maybe there will be usefull info for someone. I am also are user of rx6700xt on main pc. With rx6700xt even with lastest drivers i have no issues related with undervolting or other tuning. But couple times per week random crashes to black screen and hard reboot, after restart adrenalin reports "Default Radeon WattMan settings have been restored due to unexpected system failure”. Mostly when starting games, on first load screen, and some times random in mid game session. The problem was lasting  year maybe more, since purchase of Rx6700xt.

But after latest system upgrade, moved system to new case, also went from xilence 850w PSU, to new msi mpg a850g pcie5 with new power excursions standarts, if it could be named like that. GPU power conected to 12HPWR over PCIe (16 PIN to 6+2 PIN) Cable.
Now after PSU upgrade, from 850W to same 850W but 2x Total power excursion, 3xGPU power excursion. And quess what  can I say... I never have before such smooth experience, now in last 3 months since upgrade there is not even a single crash related to GPU, adrenalin or wattman and etc. 

I also want to admit that old PSU850W still perferctly runs in older my son PC, with Rx580, it wasnt defective or something.

Journeyman III

23.11.1, same issue. Even if set to default values, just enabling voltage or frequency modifier will black screen shutdown your system


What a joke of a company, genuinely never buying AMD GPU's again

Adept I

Same issue with a new PC + Windows 11 (fresh install) + Adrenalin 23.12.1 + the good ol' RX480 (that will be replaced soon)

I can click on Overclock GPU, the auto overclock runs for like 30 seconds, then it sets, what I assume is the max Clock Speed to ⨁1373 MHz

I run the stress test with no issues, temperatures are also more than fine.

Next, I click on custom (Tuning Control), change stuff like fan speed and power limit, and apply with no issues.

Finally, I enable GPU Tuning > Advanced Control and lower only the max voltage from 1150 to 1145, click apply. The driver instantly crashes (screen corruption) then the PC reboots, I see that Adrenalin message about the driver crash(?) and that the' tuning settings were restored because of the unexpected system failure' (or something similar).