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Journeyman III

Games Can't Run, Windows affected

I started to have an issue with windows (11)  yesterday where nothing worked, no buttons nor anything. Couldn't click the restart button or anything after signing in. After a few restarts it would let me use any program but only up to 40 seconds after I login. I reset the pc through settings as fast and I could and finally got it after a couple of tries. Everything seemed fine and I installed a R6 to test it out and I was getting ~90 fps constant with drops every 2-5 seconds into the 10s. Then the same issue where the pc was basically bricked happened again, repeated as before and reset it twice. Afterwards same dips and constant as before in R6.


Today I ended up getting a USB and installing windows 10. Formatted drive and everything. Set everything up, tried c2, R6, etc.. Was running at a fraction of the frames than usual with the same constant fps and the exact same dips. My screen is also faintly flickering. And now the  games are giving me a warning that they can't detect my drivers. All drivers are up to date and all temperatures for everything are running as when everything was working. Literally don't know what it could be. Bios is also updated. I am not technologically illiterate and can always figure out what's wrong but this legit has me stumped..



Ryzen 5700G

B550 Tomahawk 

Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon 7900xt 

64gb 3200mghz Corsair Vengeance Ram (upgraded from 32 as of yesterday)

Gigabyte G34WQC A 34" 144Hz (pls dont judge)


I honestly think I am SOL but would love some advice




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Journeyman III

I’m not sure if this will help with the first paragraph but the second one I relate. If you go into device manager and look at display adapters does it show that your graphics card is working properly?